NY Times Crossword 6 Oct 19, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 6 Oct 19, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
What helicopter rotors do WHIR
“___ to Psyche” ODE
Bartók and Lugosi BELAS
Seven Sisters school that went coed in 1969 VASSAR
Famous feature of the Florence Cathedral DOME
Romulus, exempli gratia REX
It goes up with alcohol consumption REACTION TIME
Cereal mascot since 1933 SNAP
N.Y.C.-based dance troupe ABT
↑ Memoirist ALICE B TOKLAS
Psalm 63 opening O GOD …
Unable to choose TORN
Blood drive worker NURSE
On the way SENT
Tactless RUDE
Marsh flora REEDS
Rapper Lil ___ X NAS
↓ Journalist and author HUNTER S THOMPSON
Maui setting: Abbr. HST
Downwind ALEE
Mimic APER
Quarry, e.g. PIT
Raise one’s spirits TOAST
Weighed on BURDENED
Gangster’s gun GAT
Large print source BEAR PAW
Org. for the Demon Deacons and Blue Devils ACC
↑ Sci-fi author ARTHUR C CLARKE
Observance on Yom Kippur or during Ramadan FAST
H.S. class for future engineers, say AP PHYSICS
Spoke with a forked tongue LIED
Guides of a sort GURUS
“From where I sit,” briefly IMO
Increases UPS
Word appearing on only one current U.S. coin (the nickel) CENTS
Medium on display at Brickworld LEGO
↓ Famed rights advocate SUSAN B ANTHONY
Agcy. that supports entrepreneurs SBA
Many a middle schooler PRETEEN
Sounds during a strep test AHS
1976 hit whose title is sung just before the line “Take it easy” SLOW RIDE
Buenos ___ AIRES
Sis’s sib BRO
Isn’t in the black OWES
Information on a game box AGES
The so-called “winter blues,” for short SAD
↑ Noted politician and orator STEPHEN A DOUGLAS
“Honor”-able org. BSA
Largest cell in the human body OVUM
Got by MADE DO
Yeats’s homeland EIRE
Brings up REARS
Award for Best Moment, e.g. ESPY
The “1” of 10-1, say LOSS
↓ American composer and lyricist GEORGE M COHAN
Canyon maker GMC
Kissers LIPS
“I can’t understand this at all” IT’S GREEK TO ME
Half of a blackjack ACE
Hideout LAIR
Star of the “Taken” film series NEESON
Wind ___ SHEAR
“Erie Canal” mule SAL
Certain IDs SSNS


Clues Answers
MS. units WDS
Site of the first Ironman race (1978) HONOLULU
Words accompanying “Uh-oh!” I’M A GONER!
Moved, as in a greenhouse REPOTTED
___ pro nobis ORA
Factor affecting a bond’s rating DEBT
Took by threat EXTORTED
Actor on Time’s list of the 100 most important people of the 20th century BRANDO
California’s ___ River EEL
Reclined LAIN
Playing on both sides STEREO
“I ___” (sticker message) VOTED
“I’ll take that as ___” A NO
Parts of a portfolio: Abbr. STKS
Iconic environmental book SILENT SPRING
Maker of the classic Radarange AMANA
Concludes one’s case RESTS
“Ghosts” playwright IBSEN
Forest mother DOE
River through Dortmund RUHR
Model of vengeful obsession AHAB
Part of a Swiss bank account FRANC
One good at reading emotions EMPATH
Boating hazard SHOAL
Something a house might be built on SPEC
Epigrammatic PITHY
Brand in the dessert aisle SARA LEE
Clue collectors, for short TECS
Grow a fondness for TAKE TO
Assoc. GRP
Includes surreptitiously BCCS
Melds WEDS
Left on board APORT
High percentage of criminals? USURY
No longer green, say RIPE
Popular sans-serif typeface FUTURA
Truism based on a line by Gertrude Stein A ROSE IS A ROSE
Major source of coffee beans SUMATRA
Mass-produced response? AMEN
Inspiration for a horror movie? GASP
Nobelist Pavlov IVAN
Hammer feature CLAW
U.K. honours OBES
Choreographer Twyla THARP
Trio often heard in December HO HO HO!
Northern borders? ENS
Can’t do without NEEDS
Runners support it SLED
Place of security BOSOM
What causes a will-o’-the-wisp SWAMP GAS
Ann and Andy, notably RAG DOLLS
The King of Latin Pop IGLESIAS
Popular sports news website DEADSPIN
ExxonMobil abroad ESSO
Heavy responsibility ONUS
Comment following an unrepentant admission SUE ME
Symbolic socioeconomic divider TRACKS
Less bumpy EVENER
Suffix with sex or text -UAL
Get the show on the road BEGIN
Número de Maravillas del Mundo Antiguo SIETE
Get one’s hair just right PREEN
Bits of work ERGS
Something a cobbler may hold SHOE
“It’s fun to stay at the ___” (1978 hit lyric) YMCA
Miracle-___ GRO
Org. for docs AMA
Bit of animation CEL
About one-quarter of a high school: Abbr. SRS