NY Times Crossword 7 Sep 19, Saturday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 7 Sep 19, Saturday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the NY Times Crossword 7 Sep 19, Saturday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
H.S. teams mainly with freshmen and sophomore players JV SQUADS
Cause for caution PERIL
One engaged in a hairy escape? RAPUNZEL
Product of meiosis GAMETE
Fixture in a church sanctuary PRIE DIEU
Inner selves, to Jung ANIMAS
Trouble AIL
Where people may make a scene IMPROV CLASS
Unit equivalent to 4.184 joules: Abbr. CAL
Bust DUD
Ancient Roman writer of comedies TERENCE
51-Acrosses often hold them MBAS
Epitome of thinness TISSUE
Rank in judo DAN
Film bit ALGA
Only 20th-century president whose three distinct initials are in alphabetical order HST
Shake on it! PAW
Calls for NEEDS
Ring-toss item? HAT
Palatable SAPID
A.P. exam inits. ETS
Empty talk GAS
Pence, e.g. VICE
Some exchanges, in brief IMS
Charging too much, say IN DEBT
Board appointment, for short EXEC
Lower-priced ticket option, maybe MATINEE
Floral arrangement LEI
Monogram on L’Homme products YSL
Cactus with an edible fruit PRICKLY PEAR
Word with run or jump SKI …
___ Museum, home of the Dead Sea Scrolls ISRAEL
Brave, e.g. ATLANTAN
Gathers together with stitching SHIRRS
“Close …” NOT QUITE …
Jockey competitor HANES
Enigmatic people SPHINXES


Clues Answers
1980s arcade character with a propeller beanie JR PACMAN
Not fixed VARIABLE
Spanish interrogative QUE?
Reversed UNDID
Angle measured by an astrolabe AZIMUTH
Kind of pizza DEEP DISH
Musical symbol indicating legato SLUR
Where the islets of Langerhans are located PANCREAS
Rat in “Ratatouille” EMILE
Send back REMAND
Minnesota county or lake ITASCA
Mitigate LESSEN
Swore off GAVE UP
Decisive periods, briefly OTS
Singer with the 1986 #1 album “Promise” SADE
Something to act on STAGE
Image on an oscilloscope WAVE
No-goodniks STINKERS
Place to play a board game TABLETOP
Candy sold in straws PIXY STIX
Something to lace up before competition ICE SKATE
Tackle box accessories SNELLS
Ninja’s asset STEALTH
Like a troublemaker IMPISH
___ Norman, 1983 Pulitzer-winning playwright MARSHA
Add to the rotation? STIR IN
Susan who starred on TV’s “The Partridge Family” DEY
Comforting comment I CARE
Dialect of Arabic IRAQI
Works (out) PANS
Poor Clares member NUN