NY Times Crossword 8 Jul 20, Wednesday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 8 Jul 20, Wednesday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the NY Times Crossword 8 Jul 20, Wednesday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
Shoe company with a fish name BASS
Bumbling INEPT
Hot rod race DRAG
Sets of points, in math LOCI
Some cartridge filler TONER
Hershey caramel-filled candy ROLO
Land between the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf IRAN
With sleight of hand, say SLYLY
Devil-may-care attitude, in modern parlance YOLO
Having a meal! STRESS “EATING”
Word from Swahili for “journey” SAFARI
Go as far down as STOOP TO
Curses DAMNS
Oscar-winning Sophia LOREN
Landmark 1973 Supreme Court case, informally ROE
M i l i t a r y t r a i n e e s SPACE “CADETS”
___ Tometi, activist who co-founded Black Lives Matter OPAL
Author Mario Vargas ___ LLOSA
Aching SORE
Downward dog STRIKE “A POSE”
Bit of butter PAT
Historic 1965 march location SELMA
Business sign abbr. ESTAB
“Seems about right” I’D SAY SO
Providers of some comic relief in “Star Wars” DROIDS
“Will you marry me?” BOLD “PROPOSAL”
Grand party FETE
Language quintet A-E-I-O-U
Word on a deli scale TARE
Retail giant that opened its first U.S. store near Philadelphia in 1985 IKEA
Words, informally VOCAB
In great shape HALE
Ending with four or six, but not three or five -TEEN
Sound of disgust SNORT
“Shoo!” SCAT!


Clues Answers
Pure joy BLISS
Main artery AORTA
Neck warmer SCARF
Singer O’Connor SINEAD
“Piece of cake!” IT’S SIMPLE!
Florida State athlete, for short NOLE
Four-time Grammy winner for Best New Age Album ENYA
Bombards PELTS
“Have a taste!” TRY IT!
Textiles and sundries DRY GOODS
Aussie hopper ROO
“Is that ___?” ALL
Glue or a rhyme for “glue” GOO
Sp. ladies SRAS
Mardi Gras locale, for short NOLA
About to go under the knife, in brief PRE-OP
Four: Prefix TETRA-
Beginning ONSET
Simba’s mate in “The Lion King” NALA
Martini & ___ ROSSI
Chose, with “for” OPTED
Some English nobles EARLS
Those, to José ESOS
Make something seem less likely to be true CAST DOUBT
Vegetable in succotash LIMA BEAN
Pugilist’s goal KAYO
Historical figure played by Kurt Russell in “Tombstone” EARP
Some diner seating choices BOOTHS
Russians and Belarusians SLAVS
Classic theater ODEON
Singer/songwriter Hayes ISAAC
Girl in the “Our Gang” movies DARLA
Wintry mix SLEET
___ de gallo (condiment) PICO
Thunder ROAR
Concern when buying shoes FIT
Squeeze (out) EKE
Where a long drive often starts TEE