NY Times Crossword 9 Feb 20, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the NY Times Crossword 9 Feb 20, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the NY Times Crossword 9 Feb 20, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
With 115-Across, 🦍 👩 🏢 KING
Energy-efficient Navajo structure HOGAN
“Take this bit of advice ” PROTIP
🎅 🌃 🎁 ELF
On the briny ASEA
Grecian hub AGORA
Corporate honcho CEO
👨 💗 📱 HER
Gawked GAPED
Looked over before knocking over CASED
Arrive for duty REPORT
Illinois city or its college WHEATON
Closes SHUTS
80-Down android DATA
Close by HANDY
Have because of OWE TO
🚢 🧑‍🎨 🧊 TITANIC
Regarding AS TO
Unruly head of hair MOP
What a future attorney must now take by tablet, for short LSAT
____ on a log (healthy snack) ANTS
Wapitis ELKS
Not spicy, so to speak TAME
QB Manning ELI
Outbacks taken back, e.g. REPOS
Mentally erratic FLAKY
🐘 🐁 🎪 DUMBO
Get the bugs out of DELOUSE
Cinque x due DIECI
Places atop SETS ON
Removal from power OUSTER
Slow, in music LENTO
Bug-eyed primates LORISES
🚌 🚧 💣 SPEED
Runaway #1 SMASH
Not called for UNDUE
Cartoon character voiced by Hank Azaria APU
Rhyme for rude and crude, appropriately LEWD
Kerfuffle STIR
Rendezvous MEET
Yacht spot SLIP
Gender-neutral pronoun ONE
Word with recorder or measure TAPE
⚰️ 🦇 🏰 DRACULA
Titular host of TV’s “Game of Games” ELLEN
Parent of a newborn, typically NAMER
Sled supinely LUGE
Water spirit NAIAD
Like the Magi ADORING
Unavoidable process AGEING
____ climbing, new medal event at the 2020 Olympics SPORT
👨‍👦 🎹 🔮 BIG
“The Loco-Motion” singer Little ____ EVA
Need for curdling milk into cheese RENNET
Buffalo’s county ERIE
🧸 🍺 🚬 TED
Shows signs of hunger DROOLS
Object of a Kickstarter campaign FUNDS
See 1-Across … KONG


Clues Answers
Kit ____ bar KAT
Ending with brack or Black -ISH
Originally NEE
Wonder Woman portrayer GAL GADOT
____ Productions (media company) HARPO
Poet Nash OGDEN
“Well done” GOOD
Pet sound ARF!
First capital of Mississippi NATCHEZ
“Sergeant ____ of the Yukon” (old radio and TV series) PRESTON
Some steak orders RARES
“Metamorphoses” poet OVID
Sardine holder TIN
Unappreciative sorts INGRATES
Former Spanish coin PESETA
Quick comeback? ECHO
Impolite look LEER
Snow construction FORT
Like Cheerios OATY
____ couture HAUTE
🧚 ☠️ 🐊 PAN
Hunted à la Ahab WHALED
Pain in the rear HASSLE
Necessitate ENTAIL
Airline to Geneva SWISS
Penny-ante DINKY
Chancellor von Bismarck OTTO
Superseder of a silent TALKIE
Prayer leaders IMAMS
Fast-food option COMBO
Who famously declared “The die is cast” CAESAR
Indelibly, say IN PEN
Actor Stacy KEACH
Lowly worker PEON
Rwanda minority TUTSI
Like notebook paper and monarchies RULED
Manhattan avenue known for its Museum Mile FIFTH
Mother of Apollo and Artemis LETO
Major mower manufacturer DEERE
Puts on DONS
Features of teapots SPOUTS
New York city where Mark Twain was married and buried ELMIRA
Lachrymose TEARY
John on the Mayflower ALDEN
Capital on a fjord OSLO
Tip over UPEND
Underground channel SEWER
Ingredient in an Italian sandwich SALAMI
Reaction shot? EPIPEN
Race with gates SUPER G
Old and worn STALE
Looked over slides at home, say UMPED
German refusal NEIN
Customs target SMUGGLER
Space program STAR TREK
Charles Schulz strip PEANUTS
They block for the QB, informally O-LINE
Postseason game PLAY-OFF
🥊 🦋 🐝 ALI
Cruise line that owned the Lusitania CUNARD
Seaweed used to wrap sushi NORI
Brexit politician Farage NIGEL
Garden pest APHID
People of action DOERS
Aid in illegal activity ABET
Bestow GIVE
“Zoinks!” EGAD!
Onetime iPod model NANO
Laurel of Laurel and Hardy STAN
Brian in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ENO
Ailment with a “season” FLU
El Dorado gold ORO
Take first WIN
Below zero: Abbr. NEG