Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate Crossword Answers – Apr 19 2020

Daily crossword solution for the Crossword Answers – Apr 19 2020. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Crossword Answers – Apr 19 2020 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
"Check," to a card player NOBET
"Delta Dawn" singer Tucker TANYA
"Dream on!" ASIF
"Get what I’m sayin’?" YKNOW
"Hang on —" ASEC
"Keep this in" STET
"May — a favor?" IASK
"Nope" NAH
"That made no sense to me" IMLOST
"What —" ("Ho-hum") ADRAG
Actress Saoirse RONAN
Ancient Central Americans MAYAS
Arabian ruler EMIR
Artist Yoko ONO
Aspiration AIM
Ballroom dance in Apia? SAMOASAMBA
Beyond city limits SUBURBAN
Boxing event BOUT
Buyable apartment in Brazzaville? CONGOCONDO
Caesar’s 151 CLI
Carrere of the screen TIA
Chess ploy in Banjul? GAMBIAGAMBIT
Chinese ideal TAO
Cinch — (trash bag brand) SAK
Cleans up, as software DEBUGS
Clear-minded SANE
Coffee pod KCUP
Dana Perfumes fragrance TABU
Dark-haired man in Bandar Seri Begawan? BRUNEIBRUNET
Dismissive remarks PSHAWS
Do a fist bump DAP
Doc in Tijuana? MEXICOMEDICO
Dodge of old OMNI
Dressy tie ASCOT
Drift (off) NOD
Eddie — (leisurewear chain) BAUER
Ency., e.g REF
Engaged guy in Marseilles? FRANCEFIANCE
Ensnares NETS
Enthusiasm for Barack OBAMANIA
Envy, e.g SIN
Erwin of film STU
Extremist RADICAL
Family car in Khartoum? SUDANSEDAN
Fish eggs in Barcelona? SPAINSPAWN
Former Oriole Ripken CAL
French lace town ALENCON
Gallic pal AMI
Gave birth HADABABY
Genie houser LAMP
Go like a fish SWIM
Gofer’s job ERRAND
Gut bacterium ECOLI
Guy at the helm STEERSMAN
Hades river STYX
Half a bikini BRA
Harold’s film partner MAUDE
Heavy vapor MIASMA
Hip-hop producer Gotti IRV
Hits the jackpot WINSBIG
Is the right size for FITS
It precedes omega PSI
Italian "my" MIO
Jacuzzi site SPA
Japanese brew ASAHI
John or Mary NAME
Joust verbally SPAR
Kazan of filmmaking ELIA
Kick out EVICT
Korbut of gymnastics OLGA
Large boa ANACONDA


Clues Answers
Large wader CRANE
Lead-in to history PRE
Like early audiobooks ONTAPE
Lingo suffix ESE
Long time ERA
Long time AGE
Lumber tool SAW
Make furious STEAM
Make furious ENRAGE
Meander RAMBLE
Merit badge displayers SASHES
Michelle of "Crazy Rich Asians" YEOH
Mo. in which fall starts SEP
Mo. neighbor NEB
Motown’s Franklin ARETHA
Native-born Israeli SABRA
Not panicky CALM
NutraSweet developer SEARLE
Oklahoma city ADA
Old TV’s "— Na Na" SHA
On — with APAR
Opera opus ARIA
Orig. copies MSS
Partaking of with others SHARINGIN
Pathologist’s study DISEASE
Pay add-on? OLA
Peach — (desserts) MELBAS
People rattling things off RECITERS
Person born in early October in Benghazi? LIBYALIBRA
Polio studier Albert SABIN
Polite reply to a lady YESMAAM
Pop singer Lewis LEONA
Potshot taker SNIPER
Precept TENET
Precept LAW
Prior to, to poets ERE
Rock concert booster AMP
Russia’s Alexis I, e.g TSAR
Scandal-ridden company of 2002 ENRON
Secret recorder disguised as a writing instrument PENCAM
Secretive viewers SPIERS
See 112-Down ADAMS
Silky cat in Luanda? ANGOLAANGORA
Singer Grande ARIANA
Sleeping garment in San Miguelito? PANAMAPAJAMA
Some vipers ASPS
Sore MAD
Sorvino of the screen MIRA
Space that’s invulnerable to attack SAFEROOM
Store SHOP
Supermodel from Somalia IMAN
Takes in ADOPTS
The Beatles’ "I — Walrus" AMTHE
Tropical devil ray in Valletta? MALTAMANTA
Under the ocean SUBSEA
Unstressed vowel sounds SCHWAS
Verdi’s slave AIDA
Water filter brand BRITA
Website ID URL
Well out of range AFAR
Willful insult AFFRONT
Wine city in California LODI
With 55-Across, she eloped with Ernie Kovacs EDIE
Word-wit bit PUN
Writer Ferber EDNA
— -weenie TEENIE
— a million ONEIN
— gow poker PAI
— Hari MATA
— Mahal TAJ
— terrier CAIRN