Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate Crossword Answers – Aug 2 2020

Daily crossword solution for the . The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
"Entrapment" director Jon AMIEL
"Gemini Man" director Lee ANG
"Gosh!" GEE
"Guilty," e.g PLEA
"Ltd." cousin INC
"Mazel —!" TOV
"Silkwood" co-star CHER
"The Raven" maiden LENORE
"— all true!" ITS
65% or so, gradewise DEE
Acting instinctively, informally ONAUTO
Action words used in Continental ads? LINCOLNVERBS
Adjust ALTER
Asian pan WOK
Astros pitcher Greinke ZACK
Aviate alone SOLO
Backdrops SCENES
Bank offers LOANS
Bible book after Exod LEV
Born, to Fifi NEE
Bought an expensive Camaro? PAIDACHEVYPRICE
Burn balm ALOE
Capital of South Vietnam SAIGON
Cato’s language LATIN
Caulk, e.g SEAL
Charger being dismantled for scrap metal? JUNKYARDDODGE
Chipping tool CHISEL
City where the Model 3 is produced? TESLAOKLAHOMA
Clink dweller CON
Co. bringing bouquets FTD
Color ranges SPECTRA
Colorado River tribe MOHAVE
Cracker brand of old HIHO
Crooning while standing atop a Rio? SINGINGONKIA
Crude shed LEANTO
D.C. subway METRO
Dancer Falana LOLA
Declaration when a Regal stalls in traffic? THEBUICKSTOPSHERE
Declines SLIDES
Defense gp NATO
Desert plants CACTI
Domino’s order PIZZA
Don of talk radio IMUS
E followers FGH
Equivalent SAME
Et — (and more) ALIA
Facial feature CHIN
FBI’s govt. division DOJ
Fiery realm HELL
Flight unit STAIR
Forest hooter OWL
Fracas ADO
From long ago: Abbr ANC
Gabor and Longoria EVAS
Gap-creating gizmos SPACERS
Gen. Assembly procedure for a resolution UNVOTE
Glimpses SEES
Goof up ERR
Hardy’s pal LAUREL
Has food EATS
Headwear in the title of the first Ellery Queen mystery ROMANHAT
Hit the slopes SKI
Holy likeness ICON
Huge-screen format IMAX
Joins up UNITES
Jokey Jay LENO
Just so TOATEE
Knightly title SIR
Land in eau ILE
Large African antelope GNU
Large city in Nebraska OMAHA
Lofty HIGH


Clues Answers
London loc ENG
Long- — (rangy) LIMBED
Louisiane, par exemple ETAT
Louver piece SLAT
Main course ENTREE
Make a choice DECIDE
Mann of pop AIMEE
McCartney of fashion STELLA
Medium gait TROT
Milk serum WHEY
Mischievous IMPISH
Moon, in Italy LUNA
Munic. law ORD
Nerve cell projections AXONS
Ocean east of Fla ATL
Once-big news agcy UPI
Oxen connector YOKE
Pack of cards DECK
PC letter EMAIL
Pekoe, e.g TEA
Pennsylvania city ERIE
Permitted ENABLED
Physics Nobelist Max PLANCK
Pianist Schiff Andras
Print quality abbr DPI
Pueblo tribe HOPI
Pull-out part of a range OVENRACK
Put a wheel boot on a Mustang? HOLDDOWNTHEFORD
Quarterback Tony ROMO
Raggedy — ANN
Rapa — (Easter Island) NUI
Request to your Accord when you need to get somewhere in a hurry? HELPMEHONDA
Research ctr INST
Rigatoni relative ZITI
Salsa, say DIP
San — (city WSW of Sacramento) ANSELMO
Schumer and Sedaris of comedy AMYS
Shire of "Rocky" TALIA
Slightly open AJAR
Snake noise HISS
Somalian supermodel IMAN
Sparkly stone GEM
Stranded cellular stuff RNA
Sturm — Drang UND
Suffix with depart URE
Texter’s "ciao" TTYL
Things provided by joyrides in a Grand Cherokee? JEEPTHRILLS
Traffic jam TIEUP
Tripled trio NONET
Triton’s realms SEAS
Trues up ALIGNS
Unceasingly NOEND
Up to, in brief TIL
Use a book READ
Vienna’s nation: Abbr AUS
VIP roster ALIST
Vocalizes Alpine-style YODELS
Was ill with HAD
White wine CHABLIS
Why you don’t want to give up your beloved Q7? FEAROFMISSINGAUDI
Winning by a point UPONE
Yearned (for) ITCHED
Yrly. gift-giving occasion BDAY
Zion National Park locale UTAH
— -Ball SKEE
— -pedi (spa option) MANI
— Bill (Old West folk hero) PECOS
— degree NTH
— Lingus AER