Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate Crossword Answers – Aug 7 2022s

Daily crossword solution for the . The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
"À —!" ("Adieu!") BIENTOT
"Auld Lang —" SYNE
"Famous" cookie guy AMOS
"Got a guess?" ANYIDEA
"Luck Be a Lady" composer Frank LOESSER
"Take — from me" ATIP
"The Mod Squad" cop LINC
Acronym for many vacuum cleaner filters HEPA
Admin. aide ASST
Adobe file suffix PDF
Agra dress SARI
Amor, for one LOVEGOD
Ancient Brit CELT
Arab leaders SHEIKS
Aries’ symbol RAM
Art film, often INDIE
Audio equipment brand TEAC
Ballet garb TUTU
Barks shrilly YAPS
Basketball guarding strategy ZONEDEFENSE
Behave ACT
Bellyached BEEFED
Bible division TESTAMENT
Big arteries AORTAS
Blunders MISCUES
Cain’s eldest ENOCH
Cars for VIPs LIMOS
Ceases STOPS
Cha-cha’s cousin MAMBO
Chain selling dog chains PETCO
Choir platforms RISERS
Comedian Gasteyer ANA
Commoners, collectively MASSES
Composer Jean-Philippe — RAMEAU
Concerning ASTO
Construction girder IBEAM
Corals, e.g POLYPS
Cube creator Rubik ERNO
Custodial worker JANITOR
Decorative wheel cover HUBCAP
Dip — in the water ATOE
Dot in the sea ISLET
Double-reed woodwind OBOE
Duel sword EPEE
Egg-white protein ALBUMIN
Eggnog spice NUTMEG
Eight U.S. ones are featured in this puzzle DEPARTMENTS
Emergency removal, for short EVAC
Enter GOIN
Erin of "Happy Days" MORAN
Eternally EVER
First-string athletic group ATEAM
Fishing spool REEL
Fitting retribution POETICJUSTICE
Functions USES
Gave a buzz PHONED
Have dinner SUP
Hawk’s home NEST
Higher-ranking UPPER
Honeycomb unit CELL
Honky- — music TONK
In a lazy way IDLY
Inventive NOVEL
Investments for later yrs IRAS
Iran- — Affair CONTRA
Israeli carrier ELAL


Clues Answers
Joe in a mug JAVA
Labyrinthine MAZY
Like sumo stars OBESE
Lith. was one until 1991 SSR
Loan shark USURER
Lone Star sch UTEP
Loses one’s inhibitions OPENSUP
Mao — -tung TSE
Maple fluids SAPS
Massey of movies ILONA
Medley OLIO
Molar point CUSP
Mozart’s "— Fan Tutte" COSI
Nickname for Michigan WOLVERINESTATE
Nickname for Yale University OLDELI
Not dependent on eyesight NONVISUAL
Once, quaintly ERST
Outer: Prefix ECTO
Oyster’s prize PEARL
Paint crudely DAUB
Paltry MERE
Part of Babylonia SUMER
Part of MSG MONO
Partner of Athos and Porthos ARAMIS
PC brand ACER
PC panic button ESC
Police alert, for short APB
Polite request beginner MAYI
Pool cover TARP
Possess with shallow passion INFATUATE
Prefix that’s the opposite of 38-Down ENDO
Press release packet MEDIAKIT
Prune-to-be, perhaps PLUM
Put an — (cease) ENDTO
Put on, as a play STAGED
Race created by H.G. Wells ELOI
Reach for the sky ASPIRE
Really cold ICY
Remini of "Fired Up" LEAH
Ring around a lagoon ATOLL
Ring official REF
Rome’s home ITALY
Run for a long football pass GODEEP
Sag down DROOP
Salt Lake City athletes UTES
Scouted before a heist CASED
Seagoing: Abbr NAUT
Sooner than ERE
Sparkly crown TIARA
Stare stupidly GAWK
Sts. and aves RDS
Submitted by the deadline, say INONTIME
Supplies with a staff MANS
To be, in Marseilles ETRE
Transaction of business via e-devices MOBILECOMMERCE
Trial run TEST
Typed (in) KEYED
U.S. Navy petty officers YEOMEN
Ugly blotches BLEMISHES
Valley GLEN
Verdugo of "Panama Sal" ELENA
Volcano in Japan FUJI
Water swirl EDDY
What a moving body has KINETICENERGY
With a variety of hues INCOLOR
Work contrasted with a desk job MANUALLABOR
— cava VENA
— Jose SAN