Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate Crossword Answers – Dec 26 2021

Daily crossword solution for the . The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
"About this large," informally YEABIG
"Honest" prez ABE
"Horrors!" EGAD
"Nonsense!" PSHAW
"OB-viously!" DUH
"Rambo" war zone, in brief NAM
"Su-u-ure" IBET
"The Twelve Days of Christmas" gift (and what this puzzle features) NINELADIESDANCING
"The Wedding Singer" director Frank CORACI
"Top Hat" co-star GINGERROGERS
"Water" star Michael CAINE
"You win" ILOSE
"— Fi" (Marines’ motto) SEMPER
1947 Tony winner for "Brigadoon" choreography AGNESDEMILLE
1990s "caught on tape" series REALTV
2003 Tony winner for "Movin’ Out" choreography TWYLATHARP
52, to Livia LII
A lack of musical skill NOEAR
Actress Vivian VANCE
Apple tablet IPAD
Ascot, e.g TIE
Autos from long ago REOS
Baseball executive Joe TORRE
Belgrade site SERBIA
Birthday topic AGE
Brooks of film MEL
Bush replacer OBAMA
Camera type, in brief SLR
Channel for Wolf Blitzer CNN
Charged, as particles IONIC
Choose OPT
City due west of Chicago DEKALB
Cocooned stages PUPAE
Coral colony member POLYP
Courtesan whom King Ludwig I made Countess of Landsfeld LOLAMONTEZ
Curved fastening bar UBOLT
Deep longing YEN
Deficient SHORT
Diagrams for brainstorming IDEAMAPS
Digital money ECASH
Doctrine ISM
Doggy doc VET
Dress in DON
Educ. org PTA
Electric jolts ZAPS
Enabler of web access ISP
Endlessness ETERNALITY
Fa follower SOL
Feature of "Christmas" SILENTT
Fishing aids NETS
French river OISE
From long ago OLD
Get ready PREP
Golf standard PAR
Golf tourney USOPEN
Greek vowel ETA
Have the gall DARE
Historical records ANNALS
Imitated APED
In a pillared structure COLUMNAR
Infatuated GAGA
Inflict on DOTO
Jump HOP
Jungian inner personality ANIMA
Kin of -ess ENNE
Kind of navel INNIE
Kitty chip ANTE
Laundromat dryers, e.g COINOPS
Magical land of C.S. Lewis NARNIA
Makes laugh loudly SLAYS


Clues Answers
Many a web surfer PCUSER
Marine fish of the western Atlantic SEATROUT
Maven ACE
Mind-related, in combinations PSY
Mtn. statistic ALT
Mutt’s noise GRR
Neuters, as a stallion GELDS
Nevada city RENO
Nickname lead-in AKA
Noted performer in a Greek tunic and bare feet ISADORADUNCAN
Noted times ERAS
Nutrition amt RDA
NYSE event IPO
Once named NEE
Onetime rival of Atari SEGA
Onetime teen idol Garrett LEIF
Original Mouseketeer — Tracey DOREEN
Outerwear for some high-culture shows OPERACAPES
Part of TNT TRI
Parts of city grids: Abbr STS
Prima ballerina famous for her "Dying Swan" ANNAPAVLOVA
Prima ballerina who received the Kennedy Center Honors in 1989 ALEXANDRADANILOVA
Proceeded WENT
Radio booth notification ONAIR
Raises UPS
Rink surface ICE
Rival of U.S. Grant RELEE
Royal Ballet legend awarded the 1977 Shakespeare Prize MARGOTFONTEYN
San — Zoo DIEGO
Sauce brand RAGU
Shrouded HID
Similar ALIKE
Sinuous SNAKY
Sit down, slangily PARKIT
Smell bad REEK
Smelting junk SLAG
Soda holders CANS
Some ctrs. of learning INSTS
Southwestern grassy plain LLANO
Spring mo APR
Sticky, nutty treats PECANROLLS
Structure for storing music CDTOWER
Suffix with Caesar EAN
Suture SEW
T-bone, e.g STEAK
Take to heart HEED
Texas city ELPASO
Throng MASS
Throw a few back in a bar DOSHOTS
Thurman of Hollywood UMA
Tiny country in Europe MONACO
Tooting thing HORN
Trudeau’s country CANADA
Typewriter formatting aid TABSET
Tyrant Amin IDI
Undivided ONE
Unrelated to maritime armed forces NONNAVAL
Vamp player in "Singin’ in the Rain" CYDCHARISSE
Vast period AEON
West Indies’ largest city HAVANACUBA
Winning sign VEE
Woodwind instrument OBOE
Wordplay bits PUNS
Writer Jaffe RONA
Yale alum ELI
Yemen locale ASIA
Zodiac cat LEO
— Jima IWO
— Kan (classic dog food brand) KAL
— laude CUM
— Romana (peace) PAX
— Scotia NOVA
— Spumante ASTI