Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate Crossword Answers – Jan 30 2022

Daily crossword solution for the Crossword Answers – Jan 29 2022. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Crossword Answers – Jan 29 2022 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
"Billions" channel, in brief SHO
"Call — taxi" MEA
"I knew — along!" ITALL
"Jurassic Park" dino TREX
"Mad" Carroll character HATTER
"Mrs. Dalloway" novelist WOOLF
"Neroli" musician Brian ENO
"Shane" star ALANLADD
"Ugly Betty" actress Ortiz ANA
Aesthetic interest ART
Arab nation OMAN
Attain GET
Attempter TRIER
Bag-screening org TSA
Bank job TELLER
Be in debt to OWE
Betting info ODDS
Blogging pundit Klein EZRA
Bobby in the Hockey 1-Down ORR
Boston Red — SOX
Bubbly mixer TONIC
Building-blasting stuff TNT
Cabbage side dish SLAW
Citrusy diet soft drink FRESCA
City on the Seine ROUEN
Civil rights leader Parks ROSA
Climbing vine LIANA
Come next ENSUE
Consumer USER
Consumer EATER
Contrarian’s retort ISNOT
Cooler cubes ICE
Corn, to a Brit MAIZE
Coup d’— ETAT
Crash-probing agcy NTSB
Crooner Burl IVES
Cruel Amin IDI
December mall temps SANTAS
Desert haven OASIS
Didn’t type or text, perhaps HANDWROTE
Divs. of dollars CTS
Ed of "Lou Grant" ASNER
Even up ALIGN
Fibber’s admission ILIED
Film whose name consists entirely of the letters in 74-Across ABELINCOLNINILLINOIS
Filmdom’s Kazan ELIA
Finishes up ENDS
Foot, in verse IAMB
Forensic facility in Quantico, for short FBILAB
Frowny-faced SAD
Gig hookups AMPS
Give it a whirl TRY
Give proof of ATTESTTO
Golfer Ernie ELS
Gotten sight of SEEN
Great athletes are enshrined in it: Abbr HOF
Group’s activity in the community OUTREACH
Harbinger OMEN
Horn blowers TOOTERS
Hosp. test in a big tube MRI
Humongous GIANT
Idling type BUM
Imp Simpson BART
In an uncivil way RUDELY
In — (stuck) ARUT
Ingrain ETCH
Inits. on an ambulance EMS
International alliances ENTENTES
Is trustful HASFAITH


Clues Answers
Key related to G major EMINOR
Knot up TIE
Last letter, in Leeds ZED
Lasting mark SCAR
Lawbreaker MISCREANT
Lawn mower brand TORO
Leguminous side dish PEASALAD
Lindsay of "Liz and Dick" LOHAN
Little hotel INN
Little plateau MESA
Los Angeles neighborhood BELAIR
Low pelvic bones ISCHIA
Maui greeting ALOHA
Medieval Scandinavian NORTHMAN
Menu offering CHOICE
Neighbor of Latvia ESTONIA
Nile capital CAIRO
Novel whose name consists entirely of the letters in 62-Across ANDTHENTHEREWERENONE
Novelist Toni MORRISON
Ocean east of Mass ATL
Old Nissan brand DATSUN
Opposer ANTI
Others, in Oviedo OTRAS
Out-of-towner VISITOR
Park oneself SIT
Part of a jug EAR
Parts of wholes FRACTIONS
Person whose name consists entirely of the letters in 23-Across SAINTFRANCISOFASSISI
Pickle liquid BRINE
Playtex item BRA
Prescribed diet, say REGIMEN
Pueblo dweller HOPI
Put- — (jokey pranks) ONS
Refined finds ORES
Relating to an eye layer RETINAL
Relatives of terraces BALCONIES
Rigatoni’s kin ZITI
Round body ORB
Sch. founded by Thomas Jefferson UVA
Scot’s turndown NAE
Setups whose name consists entirely of the letters in 117-Across ENTERTAINMENTCENTERS
Sewing unit STITCH
Shimmer GLEAM
Short history BIO
Side street BYROAD
Silent performer MIME
Slower than andante LENTO
Socially distant ALOOF
Some boxing blows LEFTS
Some legumes LENTILS
Some votes in Congress NOES
Sound of an "air kiss" MWAH
Stephen of "Angie" REA
Strong-arm PRESSURE
Suffix with Vietnam ESE
Swamp wriggler NEWT
Tailor’s edge HEM
Tattered TORN
Teased one another playfully BANTERED
This evening TONIGHT
Those folks THEY
Throat tissue TONSIL
Titanic sinker BERG
Trig function SINE
Verve ELAN
Very talented GIFTED
Words of woe AHME
Yuletide song NOEL
— fixe IDEE