Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate Crossword Answers – Mar 22 2020

Daily crossword solution for the Crossword Answers – Mar 21 2020. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Crossword Answers – Mar 21 2020 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
‘… boy — girl?’ ORA
‘How sad!’ ALAS
‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ actress [#35] CAROLINERHEA
‘The Famous Teddy Z’ actor Alex ROCCO
‘The Last O.G.’ actress [#45] TIFFANYHADDISH
‘There, I did it!’ TADA
‘TRL Top 10’ channel MTV
‘Yeow!’ OUCH
‘You know who I am’ ITSME
‘— bin ein Berliner’ ICH
100 in a cen YRS
2006 U.S. figure skating champion [#44] SASHACOHEN
2014 Olympics host city SOCHI
451, to Nero CDLI
7, monthwise JULY
Actress called ‘The Queen of Technicolor’ [#40] MAUREENOHARA
Add-on cost for a science course LABFEE
Admin. aide ASST
Always, to Keats EER
Ancestry LINEAGE
Anesthetic of old ETHER
As to INRE
Astros, on sports tickers HOU
Author of the Edgar-winning novel ‘New Orleans Mourning’ [#37] JULIESMITH
Baby whales CALVES
Beach bird TERN
Black or red candy LICORICE
Born under — sign ABAD
Bound along LOPE
Boxers’ units ROUNDS
By birth NEE
Caught in a lasso NOOSED
Charlotte — (rich dessert) RUSSE
Civil rights figure Parks ROSA
Claret, e.g WINE
Close to a dozen ELEVEN
Clumsy ox OAF
Critters’ doc VET
Crooner Murray ANNE
Deep drink SWIG
Deli classics, for short BLTS
Dewy-eyed NAIVE
Dismounted ALIT
Dog’s jingler TAG
Dosage amt TSP
Enjoy a book READ
Erudite class LITERATI
Fedora fabric FELT
Fla.’s ocean ATL
Flabbergast DAZE
Fonda and Austen JANES
Frozen drink brand ICEE
Full of tumult STORMY
Future flies LARVAE
Good for farming ARABLE
Grow to accept ADAPTTO
Gunpowder component NITER
Have life ARE
Hearing pair EARS
Heathland MOOR
High-stick billiards shot MASSE
Hooded snakes COBRAS
Hoodwink SCAM
How Earth rotates AXIALLY
Huffington of HuffPost ARIANNA
Ice — (longtime skating show) CAPADES
Impressionist painter Mary CASSATT
In a prying way NOSILY


Clues Answers
Israel’s Golda MEIR
It has triceps ARM
It’s used for simmering LOWHEAT
Jumbo-sized LARGE
Keats poems ODES
Leaves in, to an editor STETS
Like hot stuff STOLEN
Longtime Ritz rival HIHO
Make happy PLEASE
Make sizzling sounds SPUTTER
Many an allergy sufferer SNEEZER
Merman of old musicals ETHEL
Michael who once headed Disney EISNER
Mount St. — HELENS
Mystery ENIGMA
Neighbor of a Pole LITHUANIAN
Netflix alternative HULU
Nondairy milk source COCONUT
Nondairy milk source SOY
Not needing an Rx OTC
Not similar UNALIKE
Noted WikiLeaks whistleblower [#42] CHELSEAMANNING
Nuns’ place ABBEY
Old Apple instant-messaging app ICHAT
On the — (fleeing) LAM
Part of UCLA: Abbr UNIV
Passengers RIDERS
Period of rest BREAK
Person ‘from around here’ NATIVE
Petrol unit LITRE
Pipe bends ELLS
Plane houser HANGAR
Pooh and Roo’s creator AAMILNE
Potato, yam and rutabaga TUBERS
Qatar’s capital DOHA
Radical type ULTRA
Really praise EXALT
Reduce in intensity DEESCALATE
Reggae grew from it SKA
Role-playing ACTING
Ruhr city ESSEN
Runty ones PEEWEES
Saharan illusion MIRAGE
Said aloud ORAL
She played Dharma on ‘Dharma and Greg’ [#43] JENNAELFMAN
Shortly, informally INAFEW
Stag, e.g MALE
State of mind MOOD
Still having a shot to win INIT
Surveyor’s map PLAT
Suture SEW
Swimmer who won six Olympic gold medals [#39] AMYVANDYKEN
Taxi ticker METER
Tension STRESS
Texas wildcat OCELOT
The ‘Y’ of YSL YVES
The Pine Tree State MAINE
Toaster waffle brand EGGO
Totally lose it GOAPE
UFO pilots, presumably ETS
Unkempt sort SLOB
Van Devere of ‘The Changeling’ TRISH
W-2 pro CPA
Whom each of this puzzle’s featured women have as a namesake FIRSTDAUGHTER
Wig makeup HAIR
Work units ERGS
Yes, to Pierre OUI
— -Detoo (‘Star Wars’ droid) ARTOO
— McAn (shoe brand) THOM
— Pet (1980s fad) CHIA