Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate Crossword Answers – Mar 29 2020

Daily crossword solution for the Crossword Answers – Mar 28 2020. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Crossword Answers – Mar 28 2020 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
"Don’t go anywhere" STAYHERE
"Gadzooks!" YIPE
"Giant" novelist Edna FERBER
"I’d say," in a text message IMO
"Lost Souls" novelist of 1992 POPPYZBRITE
"Rabbit food" SALAD
"Smooth Operator" singer SADE
"The Sea, the Sea" novelist of 1978 IRISMURDOCH
"Walk Like —" AMAN
"You can’t — train" STOPA
"Your Best Life Now" author Joel OSTEEN
"— -haw!" YEE
1983 Lionel Richie hit YOUARE
35th president’s mother ROSEKENNEDY
Actor Williams ANSON
Actress Dianne WIEST
Actress Sheridan ANN
Adhesive rolls TAPES
Arrid target ARMPIT
Aunt of Harry Potter PETUNIADURSLEY
Back-and-forth talk DIALOG
Ball-shaped blooms DAHLIAS
Banjoist Fleck BELA
Beef up ADDTO
Big Apple’s city and state: Abbr NYNY
Bit of expert advice PROTIP
Blends to mush PUREES
Blue Jays, on sports tickers TOR
Busybody SNOOP
Busybody GOSSIP
Carve — career OUTA
Celebrity tributes ROASTS
Check-giving time at work PAYDAY
Chichi ARTY
Cleveland-to-Raleigh dir SSE
Coarse sack material BURLAP
Cold case solvers, often DNATESTS
Common conjunction NOR
Common conjunction AND
Cooking vessels POT
Countertenor ALTO
Cubs’ and Eagles’ gp BSA
Decide OPT
Declared STATED
DJ’s platters LPS
Dog collar attachment IDTAG
Dresses up ENROBES
Driving paths ROUTES
Eggy cake TORTE
Elbow grease SWEAT
Ending for Motor OLA
Famed killer whale SHAMU
Fighting forces ARMIES
Film dancer Charisse CYD
Film holder REEL
Filter slowly SEEP
Fri. follows it THU
Friend of Lucy van Pelt and Patty VIOLETGRAY
Friendly introduction? ECO
Funny Conan OBRIEN
German king called "the Great" OTTOI
God, in Latin DEUS
Gold, in Peru ORO
Golf prop TEE
Gp. in the Arab League PLO
Guitar piece PEG
Health club SPA
Highway jam TIEUP


Clues Answers
Hippies (and an alternate title for this puzzle) FLOWERPEOPLE
Historical slave Scott DRED
ICU figures RNS
Ignited LIT
Inkling IDEA
Inkling HINT
Inserted plant shoots GRAFTS
Keanu of the screen REEVES
Keeps HAS
La — Tar Pits BREA
Last year before the first century ONEBC
Level, grassy plain LLANO
Li’l Abner’s mother PANSYYOKUM
Link up UNITE
Lymphoid organ in the neck THYMUS
Main course of action PLANA
Mazda two-seater MIATA
Messy impact sound SPLAT
MIT business school name SLOAN
Moral code ETHIC
MTV’s first Latina video jockey DAISYFUENTES
Muhammad — ALI
Nobody — (mine alone) ELSES
Novelist Gay TALESE
One napping noisily SNORER
Oven maker AMANA
Overly sweet SAPPY
Part of many an emoticon DOT
Penpoint NIB
Petty peeve NIT
Poe’s "radiant maiden" LENORE
Post-Q string RST
Pub fixture TAP
Ring victory, for short TKO
Romeo BEAU
Senator Paul RAND
Ship’s wheel HELM
Shorthand whiz, in brief STENOG
Siberia locale ASIA
Singular ODD
Social-climbing snob on "Keeping Up Appearances" HYACINTHBUCKET
Soggy WET
Sort not to be trusted SNEAK
Source of weather upheaval ELNINO
Spanish bar appetizers TAPAS
Spike of films LEE
Strep doc ENT
Suffix with journal IST
Suffix with journal ESE
Sushi tuna AHI
Tehran locale IRAN
They may cry "Uncle!" NEPHEWS
This instant RIGHTNOW
Tidied up NEATENED
Trashed stuff WASTE
Triumph in the end WINOUT
Tube-shaped pasta ZITI
Uno plus dos TRES
Unwell ILL
Vampiric TV housewife LILYMUNSTER
Verb suffix in London ISE
Water, to Watteau EAU
Wee kid TOT
When Hamlet’s soliloquy is recited ACTTHREE
Wolf-headed Egyptian god ANUBIS
Woodsy den LAIR
Writer — May Alcott LOUISA
— -de-France ILE
— facto IPSO
— Khan AGA
— New Guinea (island nation) PAPUA