Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate Crossword Answers – Oct 17 2021

Daily crossword solution for the Crossword Answers – Oct 17 2021. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Crossword Answers – Oct 17 2021 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
"Eww, no more!," in texts TMI
"Fresh Air" airer NPR
"That’s — shame" AREAL
"The Grass Is Singing" novelist DORISLESSING
"— Beso" ESO
"— favor" POR
"— go bragh" ERIN
"— vincit amor" ("Love conquers all") OMNIA
Actress Hagen UTA
Actress Keanan of "Step by Step" STACI
Arab leader EMIR
Area south of the Black Sea ASIAMINOR
Arrangement ORDER
Art collector who founded a Manhattan museum SOLOMONGUGGENHEIM
Battery pole ANODE
Being seen via the small screen ONTV
Bellhop’s employer HOTEL
Blasting aid TNT
Bonding stuff GLUE
Brand of infant formula ISOMIL
Brazilian berry ACAI
Break away formally SECEDE
Bulgarian capital SOFIA
Business card no TEL
California city near San Jose LOSGATOS
Casino chips, e.g DISKS
Certain stream of particles BETARAY
Chopping with an ax HEWING
City about 50 miles west of Athens CORINTH
Clippers’ org NBA
Cloudburst RAINSTORM
Co. transfer RELO
Creator and star of FX’s "Atlanta" DONALDGLOVER
Daily opinion page OPED
Daisy parts PETALS
Discharge from service, informally RIF
Drooping SAGGY
Eatery bill TAB
Ellington’s "Take — Train" THEA
Essentials NEEDS
Falco of "Oz" EDIE
Fastening rod with a crosspiece TBOLT
Feline sign LEO
First lady who wrote "American Grown" MICHELLEOBAMA
Frog-to-be TADPOLE
Funny Tracey ULLMAN
George C. Scott’s "Taps" co-star TIMOTHYHUTTON
George who played Sulu TAKEI
Get decayed ROT
God of love EROS
Goes along with humbly DEFERSTO
Greatness EMINENCE
Hertz offering CAR
In a calm way SEDATELY
Invested (with) ENDUED
Iota-lambda link KAPPA
J.R. Ewing’s mother ELLIE
Japanese cartoon art ANIME
Karl with a manifesto MARX
Klutzy type OAF
Kung — shrimp PAO
Lazes about LOAFS
Lazy type BUM
Lazy type SLOTH
Leaf features VEINS
Leave alone LETLIE
Like lingerie SEXY
Liveliness VIM
Luminaries like the eight featured in this puzzle? (hint: look at their first few letters) PEOPLEOFNOTE


Clues Answers
Makes taboo BANS
Manipulation of matter on a tiny scale NANOTECH
Medication for acid reflux NEXIUM
Meditation syllables OMS
Morales of the screen ESAI
Musk of SpaceX ELON
N, S, E or W DIR
Nets or Nats TEAM
O or Elle, e.g MAG
Occurring every year ANNUAL
Old Andean INCA
Original host of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" REGISPHILBIN
Out of prison conditionally ONPAROLE
Pacific island nation PALAU
Pallid ASHY
Part of LGBT GAY
Passports, e.g IDS
Peeve MIFF
Peeving IRKING
Pindar poem ODE
Postwar deal PACT
Prefix with analysis META
Provocation STIMULUS
Put in words SAY
Refuges HAVENS
Remove a collar from, e.g UNLOOP
Roping event RODEO
Ruler’s seat THRONE
Satan’s home HELL
Satchel, e.g BAG
Second half of a single SIDEB
Self-confident declaration ICAN
She played Kerry Weaver on "ER" LAURAINNES
She sang "I’ll Be Missing You" with Puff Daddy FAITHEVANS
Since ASOF
Singer Rita ORA
Sister chain of Marshalls TJMAXX
Skewed view BIAS
Slanted SLOPED
Small shoot SPRIG
Some female singers ALTOS
Strength POWER
Stuff oozing down a trunk SAP
Sullied reputation BADNAME
The Monkees’ "— Believer" IMA
The, in Paris LES
They suffer for what they believe in MARTYRS
This plus that BOTH
Timid SHY
Took off on PARODIED
Touches down ALIGHTS
Transmitted SENT
Trout feature FIN
Try to get the job done WORKATIT
Ugly plants WEEDS
Ultimate NTH
Ultimate FINAL
Unicycle part TIRE
Utility bill info USAGE
Vote in ELECT
Waifish supermodel KATEMOSS
Wall St. hedger ARB
Wallet bill ONE
Wallet bill TEN
WWII battle city in France STLO
Yoda is one JEDI
Yolk’s place EGG
Zenith APEX
Zilch NADA
— de mer MAL