Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate Crossword Answers – Oct 31 2021

Daily crossword solution for the . The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
"Don’t — surprised!" ACTSO
"I pray our reservation doesn’t get canceled!"? GODSAVETHEBOOKING
"Illmatic" rapper NAS
"Inferno" poet DANTE
"Let’s move!" ITSGOTIME
"Li’l" fellow ABNER
"My lips — sealed" ARE
"Star Wars" won seven of them OSCARS
"The Raven" writer POE
"— of angels coming after me" ("Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" line) ABAND
’60s Pontiac GTO
1998 Masters winner Mark OMEARA
2017-19 labor secretary Alexander ACOSTA
Actor Patel DEV
Actress Issa RAE
Actress Turner LANA
Airing of ads on the tube SPOTTV
Alias letters AKA
Archaic verb suffix ETH
Author Joyce Carol — OATES
Barely get, with "out" EKE
Bed boards SLATS
Belgrade citizens SERBS
Big name in photocopiers RICOH
Blow up ERUPT
Busy insects ANTS
Chili bit BEAN
Chocolate substitute CAROB
Collar NAB
Comics’ Kett ETTA
Comment upon finally getting a chance to sit down? IRESTMYCABOOSE
Comparable (with) ONAPAR
Comparable with AKINTO
Composes PENS
Corn holder COB
Decides (to) ELECTS
Defaced MARRED
Design detail SPEC
Dickinson of "Rio Bravo" ANGIE
Dismiss, as an ill student SENDHOME
Dot in the sea, to Juanita ISLA
Extra NFL periods OTS
Eyeliner flaw SMEAR
Fabled snow humanoid YETI
Fastener for paper sheets STAPLE
Female hip-hopper BGIRL
Finger or toe DIGIT
Fluffy clouds CUMULI
Food favored by logicians? BOOLEANCUISINE
Full of energy ALIVE
Garden tool HOE
Get robots to do AUTOMATE
Giving an officer a leg up? POLICEBOOSTING
Great devastation HAVOC
Grocery holder BAG
Guys wearing wedding rings MARRIEDMEN
Hannah of "Roxanne" DARYL
Happy hour locale BAR
High-IQ club MENSA
Impish kids BRATS
In a blue state SAD
In perfect condition MINT
Janitorial tools MOPS
Jelly holder JAR
Jet engine part that includes the igniter COMBUSTOR
Kate’s mate on 1980s TV ALLIE
Lake fed by the Huron ERIE
Least plentiful RAREST
Leaves weaponless UNARMS


Clues Answers
Less genial ICIER
Like Mutant Ninja Turtles TEENAGE
Like some waves TIDAL
Londoner, e.g BRIT
Love, to Gigi AMOUR
Many a video chat SKYPECALL
Marlins’ and Mets’ div NLEAST
Mess up on MISDO
Mined stuff ORE
Minuscule bit of work ERG
Monkey setting off big experimental blasts? NUCLEARTESTBABOON
Most trifling MEREST
Mozart’s "Così fan —" TUTTE
MRI alternative CTSCAN
Muscat-eer? OMANI
Musician Brian ENO
Natives of Bangkok THAIS
Neighbor of Wash IDA
Neighbors of Czechs SLOVAKS
News agcy. founded in 1958 UPI
Not mixing well with others ASOCIAL
Pause-causing marks COMMAS
Pay-to-stay places HOTELS
Pick up on SENSE
Poor grade DEE
Port-au-Prince’s place HAITI
Previous to ERE
Quick size-up ONCEOVER
Raison d’— ETRE
Regional flora and fauna BIOTA
Revered sort IDOL
Rubs the wrong way GRATESON
Ruling house enjoying great prosperity? BOOMINGDYNASTY
S.Sgt. or M.Sgt NCO
Santa —, California ANA
Self-indulgent outing SPREE
Sheep-related OVINE
Singer Turner IKE
Skunks’ defenses ODORS
Son of Cain ENOCH
Spill a secret TELL
Sporty English autos MGS
St. Teresa’s birthplace AVILA
Strong alkalis LYES
Supreme Court’s Sonia SOTOMAYOR
Team of dogs on the force CANINEUNIT
Thirty tripled NINETY
Thumbs-up ASSENT
Tijuana treats TACOS
Toiling away ATIT
Torque transmitter in a motor DRIVEBELT
Totally fills SATES
Two things a baby might be wearing in cold weather? JACKETANDBOOTIE
Typical USUAL
Unassisted SOLO
Unskilled PC gamer, say NOOB
Warty hopper TOAD
Weeps noisily SOBS
Wild about INTO
Winnipeg’s province: Abbr MAN
Witticism BONMOT
Yemeni city ADEN
— ‘n’ cheese MAC
— -Cola COCA
— -Ops (CIA tactics) PSY
— Paese (cheese type) BEL