Quick crossword No 16,441

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Clues Answers
Snack (BLT less L and T?) (5,8) BACONSANDWICH
Boor (3) OAF
Bulbous plant with showy yellow or white flowers (9) NARCISSUS
Disquisition (8) TREATISE
(Very) short skirt (4) MINI
American sty (6) PIGPEN
Big feature (6) SPLASH
Greek god, son of Aphrodite (4) EROS
Lovely (8) CHARMING
Asleep, having taken drugs or booze (6,3) ZONKEDOUT
Dad's mum (informal) (3) NAN
1862 Victor Hugo novel (3,10) LESMISERABLES
Improve (5) BOOST
Dregs in cup (6,7) COFFEEGROUNDS
100 – 81 (8) NINETEEN
Over (6) ACROSS
Podium (4) DAIS
Motivating (13) INSPIRATIONAL
His shah (anag) (7) HASHISH
G & S work? (8) OPERETTA
Hard knotted biscuit (7) PRETZEL
Single out (6) CHOOSE
Biological class with common characteristics (5) GENUS
Type of house (informal) (4) SEMI