Quick crossword No 16,459

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Clues Answers
Exceedingly small (13) INFINITESIMAL
Negative response (3) NAY
Not keen to be pictured (6-3) CAMERASHY
Mobile noise — nitrogen (anag) (8) RINGTONE
Hard-up (4) POOR
Announce that one's beliefs have changed (6) RECANT
Ran after (6) CHASED
Blend gradually (4) MELD
Affected (8) MANNERED
Loquacious type (9) LOUDMOUTH
Misfortune (3) ILL
In a derogatory way (13) DISPARAGINGLY
Private (5) INNER
Glorify consul (anag) — complete success (6,7) FLYINGCOLOURS
Poison found in tobacco (8) NICOTINE
Regulation of pace to achieve a desired result (6) TIMING
Arrange by categories (4) SORT
Wrongly interpreting (something said or done) (13) MISCONSTRUING
Stratified (7) LAYERED
The Lady from ___ , Orson Welles's 1947 film noir (8) SHANGHAI
Unkempt (7) RUMPLED
Kind of honey from Australia and New Zealand, said to be good for you (6) MANUKA
Postpone (5) DELAY
Actresses Watson or Thompson? (4) EMMA