Quick crossword No 16,461

Daily solution for the Quick crossword No 16,461. The Guardian Quick Crosswords are really hard to solve, with our help you’ll be able to finish those tricky definitions in no time.
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Clues Answers
Suitor (7) ADMIRER
One-sided (7) UNEQUAL
Low-sided trucks (7) PICKUPS
Hawk — jump jet (7) HARRIER
Cross swords (5) CLASH
Artistic (9) AESTHETIC
Uncommunicative (9) WITHDRAWN
Fawlty or Thorndike? (5) SIBYL
Broad heavy knife used as a tool or weapon (7) MACHETE
Crisps, nuts and olives, say (7) NIBBLES
Modified for the better (7) AMENDED
Eternal (7) AGELESS
Jelly used as a mould for meats or vegetables (5) ASPIC
Blend of coffee and chocolate (5) MOCHA
Unrefined — adored Hungary (anag) (5-3-5) ROUGHANDREADY
Unedited film footage (6) RUSHES
Deplorable (13) REPREHENSIBLE
Stir up (anag) — nit-picker (6) PURIST
Priest (6) CLERIC
More than one location? (4) LOCI
Disgusting (4) ICKY
Burrowing herbivorous marsupial (6) WOMBAT
Heart (informal) (6) TICKER
It's what we're going to talk about (6) AGENDA
Disprove (5) BELIE
Suffers defeat (5) LOSES