Quick crossword No 16,521

Daily solution for the Quick crossword No 16,521. The Guardian Quick Crosswords are really hard to solve, with our help you’ll be able to finish those tricky definitions in no time.
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Clues Answers
Ship's crew member (8) DECKHAND
Domestic water sources (4) TAPS
Sound the strings? (5) STRUM
Very disorderly (7) TOUSLED
Fab funeral do (anag) — prohibitively expensive (12) UNAFFORDABLE
Last runner in a relay race (6) ANCHOR
A kind of design (6) FLORAL
Script reader? (12) GRAPHOLOGIST
Afraid (7) ALARMED
Guileless (5) NAIVE
Twosome (4) DUET
Well disposed (8) FRIENDLY
Last of the evening? (4) DUSK
Very serious (informal) (7) CHRONIC
Cosy and relaxing place to stay (4,4,4) HOMEFROMHOME
Vague impression (6) NOTION
Unrehearsed remark (2-3) ADLIB
Out of the blue (8) SUDDENLY
Dec guideline (anag) — detailed checks about a company before finally signing a deal (3,9) DUEDILIGENCE
Forefront (8) VANGUARD
Annul (7) RESCIND
Aircraft lacking power (6) GLIDER
Not dormant? (5) AWAKE
Tax (4) LEVY