Quick crossword No 16,558

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Clues Answers
Drink through a straw? (4) SUCK
Chinese dish — we con him (anag) (4,4) CHOWMEIN
Her tale (anag) (7) LEATHER
Coloured flower leaf (5) PETAL
Years of adolescence? (5) TEENS
Making mistakes (6) ERRING
Get to the central point (3,2,3,5) CUTTOTHECHASE
Sign of the Bull (6) TAURUS
Soviet prison camp for political prisoners (5) GULAG
Post-adolescent (5) ADULT
Ancient Assyrian city (7) NINEVEH
Upper canine (3,5) EYETOOTH
Food shop (4) DELI
Time in June and December when the sun is at its greatest distance from the celestial equator (8) SOLSTICE
Bird (which is regularly seen on a building site?) (5) CRANE
Conker tree (5,8) HORSECHESTNUT
Windscreen cleaner? (5) WIPER
Baltic country (7) ESTONIA
Africa's longest river (4) NILE
Treatment using exercise and massage (abbr) (6) PHYSIO
Effects to be considered in placing buildings, graves or furniture — fine hugs (anag) (4,4) FENGSHUI
Badmouth (7) TRADUCE
Convincing (6) COGENT
Fashion reminiscent of the past (5) RETRO
River embankment (5) LEVEE
Kind of door lock (4) YALE