The Guardian – Cryptic Crossword Answers No 28,646 – Jan 5 2022

Daily solution for the The Guardian – Cryptic Crossword Answers No 28,646 – Jan 5 2022. The Guardian Cryptic Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
A grand entrance in residence gains respect HOMAGE
A hand needed to secure second military bar CLASP
Approach of one contralto after tense performance TACTIC
Art form involved with origins of the underworld and source of rainbows? TROUT
Atoms spinning round in north-eastern state MINNESOTA
B movie opening and closing cinema presentation to create mood AMBIENCE
Be sure to turn round Monsieur’s tongue BURMESE
Beastly male, one covered in dye ANIMAL
Body protection for one who’s paid to slice one APRON
Confiscate drugs (cocaine) with passion ESCHEAT
Ex-vice president good to go once more ANEW
Gun dog bounds off, free UNDO
Hippy gatherings — not very English, showing genital area! LOINS
Italy cutting canal to a distressed European region CATALONIA
Lots of blades involved in making this cloth LAWN
Maybe the right sort of wife (robust) WHALE
Person of note from Grease turn­ed up with Newton-John at last LION
Plant producing underwear is backed by state BRASSICA
Prepare to fight graduate in US city, having lost head EMBATTLE
Protective wear clashes SPATS
Rex comes off wagon at saloon opening times! DAYS
Rib woman when Guardian has leader cut EVE
Right-wing leader — poor soul’s in 60s’ wear! MUSSOLINI
Round sort of canine, a native of Polynesia? OCEANIAN
Saul certainly suppresses corrupting influence ULCER
See 20 FARM
Speech-related examination includes a trio composition ORATORIAL
Start to tuck in old hat label TITLE
Team batting at the Queen’s pleasure? INSIDE
Tentatively propose sin as a tyrant’s thing OPPRESSION
Tormentor who would make Shelley more smart, when read out? PERSECUTOR
Tunic or nightie? Not tight, that is a fabulous creation UNICORN
With which to do a chemical test on a public toilet? Not quite REAGENT