The New York Monday, January 16, 2023 Crossword Answers

Daily crossword answers for the The New York Crossword: ‘Jewelry Tomfoolery’ Monday, January 16, 2023 by Matt Gaffney. The The New York Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the The New York Crossword: ‘Jewelry Tomfoolery’ Monday, January 16, 2023 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Post-fable wisdom MORAL
6 Bright SMART
11 iPhone helper SIRI
15 Without a date STAG
19 Estée Lauder subsidiary AVEDA
20 Escapade CAPER
21 Latin for “one” UNUS
22 “Nope” UHUH
23 Jewelry worn when you’re summoned to appear on “Judge Judy”?  DEFENDANTPENDANT
26 Soup with seaweed MISO
27 Superagent Emanuel ARI
28 Toys often spoken to DOLLS
29 “Killing Eve” actress Shaw FIONA
30 “Liar, liar, ___ on fire!” PANTS
31 Factory MILL
33 “Over here!” HEY
34 Jewelry to remind a judge which cases will be heard today? DOCKETLOCKET
36 Locomotive mover STEAM
38 Work with three lines HAIKU
39 Guarantee ASSURE
40 Non-player in the dugout BALLGIRL
44 Actress Neuwirth BEBE
46 Walker, on street signs PED
47 Stack in a 1990s tower CDS
50 Mickey of “The Wrestler” ROURKE
51 Resolve, as a problem SORTOUT
54 Jewelry sported by someone taking bids? AUCTIONEERINGEARRING
59 Bring back to life REAWAKE
60 Broad valleys DALES
61 Globetrotters great Curly ___ NEAL
63 Pompeo and Greene, for two ELLENS
64 Faces VISAGES
67 “Glad I’m back?” MISSME
69 “Witness” director Peter WEIR
70 Side-to-side distance WIDTH
71 Upstate SUNY campus GENESEO
72 Jewelry specially made for a practical joker?  RAPSCALLIONMEDALLION
78 Bee student? SPELLER
79 Ted Danson charity OCEANA
80 Direction away from WSW ENE
81 Nintendo console WII
84 ___ Mujeres, Mexico ISLA
85 Financial-show guests ANALYSTS
87 Eritrea’s capital ASMARA
89 Period of work STINT
91 Marks got replaced by them EUROS
95 Jewelry found on a revolutionary’s head?  GUEVARATIARA
98 Electricity source DAM
101 “Law & Order” baddie PERP
102 Last Supper item GRAIL
103 Unpleasant encounter RUNIN
104 Sound AUDIO
106 72, on many courses PAR
107 Horne or Dunham LENA
108 Jewelry worn for a wild night on the town?  RECKLESSNECKLACE
111 Clean up, as a manuscript EDIT
112 Just that single time ONCE
113 Rive Gauche’s river SEINE
114 It runs through a plane AISLE
115 ___ on (spoil) DOTE
116 Director Mira NAIR
117 Morley of “60 Minutes” fame SAFER
118 Thumbs-ups YESES


Number Clues Answers
1 Ladies MADAMS
47 Rod in Cooperstown CAREW
81 Moved from side-to-side WAGGLED
2 Utterly exasperated OVERIT
48 Hamilton, e.g. DUELER
82 “Definitely!” ISUREDO
3 Try again on your taxes REFILE
49 Friend of Ginsburg SCALIA
83 “Don’t test me!” IMEANIT
4 Suffix with orange ADE
32 Chocolate ___ LAB
55 Little punks TWERPS
88 Take up a glider AVIATE
5 Touch down on the tarmac LAND
37 Contralto Anderson MARIAN
73 Snail shell’s shape SPIRAL
24 “I’m so stupid!” DOH
41 Appearance LOOKS
74 Romero who played the Joker CESAR
108 Director Howard RON
6 Bathroom fixture SCALE
42 Montréal moon LUNE
70 Part of WSJ WALL
96 Place to play ARENA
7 Like Hans and Franz of “SNL” MANLY
43 SAT’s tougher cousin GRE
64 Countryside mansion VILLA
97 Stanley in “The Lovely Bones” TUCCI
8 UES residences, usually APTS
38 Walk in the woods HIKE
65 Just sitting around IDLE
89 Tricky baseball pitch SINKER
9 Gym unit REP
34 Challenge issuer DARER
66 Recipe instruction STIR
90 Manx cat’s lack TAIL
10 Thin Mint or Samoa alternative TREFOIL
56 Sun Valley is there IDAHO
85 His ___ (Michael Jordan nickname) AIRNESS
25 Comedian Cannon NICK
51 Obtain, casually SNAG
75 Grandma, in Genoa NONNA
109 Caspian or Ionian SEA
11 81-square game SUDOKU
52 Stare impolitely OGLE
76 Docs have passed it MCAT
104 “Like that would ever happen!” ASIF
12 Silly INANE
44 Drew with an expert arm BREES
77 Slippery type EEL
98 Dominick who wrote for Vanity Fair DUNNE
13 Charge RUNAT
45 Greek letters ETAS
71 Brisbane greeting GDAY
99 “Doe, ___ …” ADEER
14 Suffix with minimal IST
35 Cabinet department LABOR
67 Financial resources MEANS
100 It may be hot or dropped MIC
30 Wannabe POSEUR
68 Not back until the wee hours INLATE
105 “I guess that makes sense …” OKAY
15 Medicinal plants SUMACS
53 Strands in December TINSEL
86 Dine SUP
110 “The check is in the mail,” maybe LIE
16 Brainstorm THINKUP
57 Loch legend NESSIE
92 Go by again REPASS
17 Strict AUSTERE
58 “Challenge accepted” GAMEON
93 Wise one ORACLE
18 Just left a party without telling anyone GHOSTED
62 Sierra ___ (West African nation) LEONE
94 Mall binges SPREES