The New York Tuesday, 6 June 2023 Crossword Answers

Daily crossword answers for the The New York Crossword: ‘That’s an Order!’ Tuesday, 6 June 2023 by Matt Gaffney. The The New York Crosswords are very hard sometimes, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the The New York Crossword: ‘That’s an Order!’ Tuesday, 6 June 2023 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Library nooks CARRELS
8 Untrustworthy type SNAKE
13 To the extent that ASFARAS
20 Monkey’s attic TREETOP
21 Moved like molasses OOZED
22 Facial feature THENOSE
23 In 1610, Galileo became the first human to view these (planets) RINGSOFSATURN
25 Boring gossip WEAKTEA
26 Sol-do connectors LATI
27 Best Actor winner over 53-Down (letters of the alphabet) FMURRAYABRAHAM
29 Dennis Lehane’s literary genre NEONOIR
33 See 115-Down MORAN
34 “That’s impossible” NOCANDO
37 “I Am Spock” autobiographer NIMOY
40 Fall asleep at work, e.g. NODOFF
45 Wrath IRE
46 Famous NOTED
49 Caffeine pill NODOZ
51 1971 NL MVP Joe TORRE
52 With 94-Across: “Traffic” actress (Greek letters) CATHERINE
54 Judge to be DEEMAS
56 Competitive INIT
57 “Turncoat!” ETTU
58 Rival for Martina STEFFI
60 Cain’s victim ABEL
62 Literary tribute ODE
63 Old movie holders REELS
65 Has a kingdom REIGNS
68 1997 Spielberg drama AMISTAD
70 Private-airplane owner’s concern (elements) CARBONFOOTPRINT
74 Of an eye part SCLERAL
77 One-named 1950s actress DAGMAR
78 Rear-window feature DECAL
82 “Telephone Line” band ELO
83 Laptop brand ACER
85 ___ Sea (it separates Italy and Greece) IONIAN
88 Zippo NADA
89 Mark’s replacement EURO
91 Marriage material KEEPER
94 See 52-Across ZETAJONES
96 Ephemeral sandwich MCRIB
98 Danger PERIL
99 To the left, maybe ASIDE
100 Stein stuff ALE
101 First American space station, 1973 SKYLAB
103 Playground retort DIDSO
105 Came in third or better MEDALED
107 Subject TOPIC
109 Group of friends COTERIE
112 She co-wrote “Ring of Fire” (months of the year) JUNECARTERCASH
118 Unworldly type NAIF
122 Function OPERATE
123 1999 movie whose title describes what you need for this puzzle’s theme entries THESIXTHSENSE
127 Gives it one’s all STRIVES
128 Eagle’s home AERIE
129 Attorney General James LETITIA
130 Jayhawks’ neighbors to the south SOONERS
131 Florida Man’s pet, perhaps GATOR
132 Least refined CRUDEST


Number Clues Answers
1 Key used with other keys CTRL
34 More friendly NICER
74 Appears to be SEEMS
112 “Firefly” creator Whedon JOSS
2 Opera tune ARIA
35 Give a rousing speech ORATE
75 Henhouse sound CLUCK
113 Busy with UPTO
3 Monthly money RENT
36 This, in Paris CETTE
76 Bath truck LORRY
114 Famed fiddler NERO
4 Saskatchewan’s capital REGINA
53 He played Mozart beautifully HULCE
90 Geopolitical resource OIL
115 With 33-Across: “Happy Days” actress ERIN
5 Movie creatures of 1982 ETS
30 Feminizing French finish ENNE
64 Tony winner Ramirez SARA
97 Area beneath Wayne Manor BATCAVE
6 John, to John Oliver LOO
31 Unpleasant emanations ODORS
71 Ribs serving RACK
102 Marina patron BOATER
7 Letters on suntan-lotion tubes SPF
32 Tag declaration NOTIT
72 Word covering a bad word BLEEP
108 Members of the media PRESS
24 It’s south of SEA-TAC SFO
47 Month before febrero ENERO
84 Go over a second time, as copy REEDIT
8 “Same here” SOAMI
48 Keep safe DEFEND
92 It’s checked in stores PRICETAG
9 Red-light restriction, often NOTURN
59 World Cup org. FIFA
93 Fast-finishing festival EID
116 Perlman of “You People” RHEA
10 Sky color, in Paris AZUR
38 “Closer to Fine” duo (colors of the rainbow) INDIGOGIRLS
117 Alternative to a Tic Tac CERT
11 Warriors coach Steve KERR
39 Curly pal MOE
66 Former Dodgers pitcher Hideo NOMO
104 Part of AOC OCASIO
12 “The Incredibles” character EDNAMODE
67 Poem part STANZA
110 Basket material OSIER
28 Paris-born cellist YOYOMA
73 Asks nosy questions PRIES
111 Text to which one may reply “No prob” THX
13 Fighting ATWAR
50 Appetizing name since 1934 ZABAR
86 “Once upon ___ …” ATIME
124 Healing kindness TLC
14 Like a certain biblical queen SHEBAN
55 Kinda sorta SEMI
87 2000 election figure NADER
125 Possessive pronoun HER
15 “All will be well” FEARNOT
61 Swedish soprano Jenny LIND
95 Order in theaters JEDI
126 Three before V STU
16 Crooner Paul ANKA
41 “How ___ look?” DOI
69 Notetaker in court STENO
106 9,896-line poem AENEID
17 IRA name ROTH
42 “… but I’m open to alternatives” ORNOT
79 Erie or Suez, e.g. CANAL
119 Prefix with chamber ANTE
18 Sailing, in verse ASEA
43 2002 biopic set in Mexico FRIDA
80 “Chasing Pavements” singer ADELE
120 Ancient Egyptian goddess ISIS
19 Jeans-pocket feature SEAM
44 Celebrated FETED
81 Exposed to light LASED
121 Amazing achievement FEAT