The Washington Post Crossword Answers – Jan 3 2021

Daily crossword solution for the Crossword Answers – Jan 3 2021. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Crossword Answers – Jan 3 2021 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
‘Are you hurt?’ response IMOK
‘I know! I know!’ OOHOOH
‘May I have some tuna, please?’ MEOW
‘My Fair Lady’ lady ELIZA
‘My Way’ lyricist ANKA
‘Old Town Road’ rapper Lil __ X NAS
‘OMG, a mouse!’ EEK
‘Watch me do this!’ HEREIGO
‘We __ Farmer’s, bum ba dum bum bum bum bum’ ARE
‘You betcha!’ SUREWILL
‘You can’t be serious’ OHCMON
‘Your point is?’ AND
‘__ girl!’ ATTA
2020, for many ORDEAL
Advice to an aspiring ballet dancer? LOOKBEFOREYOULEAP
Advice to an aspiring history professor? THERESNOFUTUREINIT
Advice to an aspiring journalist? DONTFORGETTOWRITE
Advice to an aspiring organizer? DONTTHROWITALLAWAY
Advice to an aspiring preacher? SPEAKOFTHEDEVIL
Advice to an aspiring stationer? PUSHTHEENVELOPE
Aim high GOBIG
Baby’s outfit ONESIE
Back on the boat AFT
Big name in footwear ALDO
Big name in nail polish OPI
Bio or chem SCI
Birds that boom and grunt EMUS
Breaks down WEEPS
Bring into harmony ATTUNE
Cake level TIER
Canine chorus ARFS
Channel that provided coverage of the New Horizons Pluto flyby NASATV
Chilly NIPPY
China’s Zhou __ ENLAI
Collars, as a perp NABS
Cosmic comeuppance KARMA
Crowd eruption ROAR
Dalai Lama’s former home LHASA
Dance moves STEPS
Devoid of any pleasure NOFUN
Drink mix made famous by NASA TANG
Ease up EBB
Eastern ‘way’ TAO
Esteem to the extreme IDOLIZE
Evil sci-fi order SITH
Exec concerned with hacking CIO
Far from clueless AWARE
Fictitious MYTHIC
Film director’s challenge EGO
Finger-wagging sound TSKTSK
Finger-wagging word SHAME
First name in supervillains LEX
Fishes, in a way TROLLS
For a bit AWHILE
Four Corners state UTAH
Frenemy of Lando HAN
Give a lift ELATE
Gives the boot OUSTS
Global warming word MELT
Got by on one’s reputation alone, perhaps SKATED
Govt. security TNOTE
Greens in regulation, e.g STAT
Gulf States bigwig EMIR
Gym set REPS
Hägar’s dog SNERT
Harp relative LYRE
Hawaiian seafood salad POKE
Hawkeye’s title workplace MASH
Head of MI6? LAV
Head of MI6? LOO
Holy threesome TRINITY
Hypotheticals IFS


Clues Answers
Illuminated LIT
It’s not a bear KOALA
It’s nothing to Caesar NIHIL
Japanese garden fish KOI
Jefferson bills TWOS
Kermit’s greeting HIHO
Kindle display EINK
Lab coat checker? VET
Like the Texas flag’s star LONE
LOL, verbalized HAHA
Lotto cousin KENO
Mandela’s org ANC
Messy place STY
Middle schooler, probably PRETEEN
Mountain legend YETI
Movers, but hopefully not shakers VANS
Musical deficiency NOEAR
NFL’s Falcons ATL
Nowhere close AFAR
Olympic skating medalist Midori ITO
On, as Sherlock’s game AFOOT
One of a biblical 150 PSALM
Painful sequence OWS
PC shortcut key ALT
Philly Ivy PENN
Prairie howlers COYOTES
Praise for a torero OLE
Quite big enough AMPLE
Radio piece DIAL
Ram’s protection HELMET
Rap caps, perhaps DORAGS
Red Warhol subject? MAO
Respectful singer? ARETHA
Right this minute ATONCE
Rob __ ROY
Rock ending? ETTE
Ruth’s sultanate? SWAT
Salts, say SEASONS
Sanjay of CNN GUPTA
Scientist __ deGrasse Tyson NEIL
Seek the affections of WOO
Seyfried of ‘Big Love’ AMANDA
Sheep related to you? EWE
Simple meteorological tool VANE
Skye of ‘Say Anything…’ IONE
Slithery squeezer BOA
Some fitness ctrs YMCAS
Son of Odin THOR
Soprano showpiece ARIA
Speed skater Ohno APOLO
Star sometimes eclipsing Venus? SERENA
Stumbling block SNAG
Support for wind energy? MAST
Take over or take in CONSUME
Taken down BEATEN
Teslas don’t need it GAS
Tiger’s target HOLE
Tolkien trilogy, initially LOTR
Tools with jaws VISES
Top of a hill APEX
Touch down LAND
Treater’s adamant words IINSIST
Unexpected mug shot feature SMILE
Used what was available MADEDO
Vatican farewell CIAO
Vietnam War hot spot SAIGON
View from a hill DALE
Wander (about) GAD
Yes, to Yves OUI
Zoom lens? WEBCAM