The Washington Post Crossword Answers – Jun 28 2020

Daily crossword solution for the Crossword Answers – Jun 28 2020. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Crossword Answers – Jun 28 2020 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
‘A Passage to India’ heroine ADELA
‘Bingo!’ AHA
‘Come again?’ replies EHS
‘Enigma Variations’ composer ELGAR
‘Frasier’ character NILES
‘Same here’ SODOI
‘The Seinfeld Chronicles,’ e.g TVPILOT
‘__ voyage!’ BON
1984 Peace Nobelist TUTU
50 Cent piece RAP
@@@@ ATS
A, in Arles UNE
Accomplishments DEEDS
Adjoin ABUT
Advances LENDS
Alkaline solution LYE
Allow to fluctuate, as a currency UNPEG
Annoying, as a call CRANK
Antipasto morsel OLIVE
Apprehension DREAD
Arthur Ashe’s alma mater UCLA
Asian nurse AMAH
Atlantic catch COD
Autobahn auto AUDI
Baker OVEN
Beast of Borden ELSIE
Believer’s antithesis ATHEIST
Blends OLIOS
Bone head? OSTE
Boxer’s director LEASH
Brain scan letters EEG
Breakfast complaint about getting the oolong by mistake? NOTMYCUPOFTEA
Breakfast go-with that comes from a plant? CREAMOFTHECROP
Brewery heads FOAMS
British bakery buy SCONE
Bust maker NARC
Capital of Switzerland? ESS
Cascades peak SHASTA
Cat coat FUR
Chan portrayer Warner __ OLAND
Cheesy snack NACHO
Chit IOU
Choice group ELITE
Clothes TOGS
Clyde cap TAM
Code word DAH
Columnist Bombeck ERMA
Crumbled sundae topper OREO
Curtain holder ROD
Damascus is its cap SYR
Damon appears as him in five films BOURNE
Debatable MOOT
Decree EDICT
Detect SPOT
Elite unit ATEAM
Essentially INEFFECT
Family lads SONS
Fictional falcon seeker SPADE
First-rate TOPS
Floral necklace LEI
Foot in a poem IAMB
French Alps river ISERE
Gift for el 14 de febrero ROSAS
Govt. benefits org SSA
Gray’s ‘The Progress of Poesy,’ e.g ODE
Handful FEW
Homer’s hangout MOES
Immigrant’s class: Abbr ESL


Clues Answers
Instrument for Joel or John PIANO
Insulted smack SLAP
Intensified AMPED
Introduction PROEM
It’s game TAG
Jeanie’s hair color, in an old song LIGHTBROWN
Johnson of ‘Laugh-In’ ARTE
Key of Brahms’ First Symphony CMINOR
Kind of pool TIDAL
Large flying mammal FRUITBAT
Laughing gas, familiarly NITROUS
Legislate ENACT
Letter before kappa IOTA
Like Irving’s horseman HEADLESS
Like many elephants ASIAN
London art gallery TATE
Longtime Lehrer partner MACNEIL
Make __ of: botch AHASH
Mantegna’s ‘Criminal Minds’ role ROSSI
Mex. miss SRTA
Monterey County seat that’s the birthplace of John Steinbeck SALINAS
Nine-digit ID SSN
Nos. affecting UV exposure SPFS
Nostradamus, e.g SEER
Not that THIS
One may be done from a cliff DIVE
One of the Reagans RON
Palais Garnier performance OPERA
Pan-fry SAUTE
Pinnacle ACME
Put off by AVERSETO
R&B’s Boyz II __ MEN
Ready to pour ONTAP
Reference with rows and columns covering all varieties of a breakfast drink? COFFEETABLEBOOK
Relatively cool heavenly body KSTAR
Retired flier SST
Rush __ HOUR
Scarecrow stuff STRAW
Seagoing force ARMADA
Secure a breakfast supply? BRINGHOMETHEBACON
Sign of a sloppy breakfast eater? EGGONONESFACE
Sitcom sign-off word NANU
Somewhat, informally SORTA
Song of joy PAEAN
St. with a panhandle IDA
Storied Robin Hood target THERICH
Story featuring Paris ILIAD
Strike out DELETE
Substantial HEFTY
Suggested which breakfast bread to brown? PROPOSEDATOAST
Sundial marking III
Surgical tube STENT
Take __: rest ANAP
Targets marked with flags GREENS
Tarzan’s realm APEDOM
Ten sawbucks ONEC
Tennis great Nastase ILIE
Thumb-and-finger sounds SNAPS
Title sitcom bookstore owner ELLEN
Truman’s Missouri birthplace LAMAR
Upsilon preceder TAU
Video store section SCIFI
Walk noisily CLOMP
Welcome words to a hitchhiker HOPIN
What careful people take PAINS
Whinnied, say NEIGHED
World power initials until 1991 USSR
Wry suggestion at breakfast about what to feed the cat when you’re out of milk? GIVEITSOMEJUICE
__ center REC