The Washington Post Crossword Answers – May 31 2020

Daily crossword solution for the Crossword Answers – May 31 2020. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Crossword Answers – May 31 2020 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
‘All Day Strong’ brand ALEVE
‘Groovy!’ NEATO
‘Iliad,’ for one EPIC
‘Need anything __?’ ELSE
‘See ya’ LATER
‘To __ own self be true’: ‘Hamlet’ THINE
‘When it’s __’: answer to a classic riddle AJAR
‘Yess!’ YAY
19th-century diarist Henry __ Robinson CRABB
A stone’s throw NOTFAR
Academic research papers THESES
Acquire, as an advantage GAIN
Add splendor to ADORN
Airline to Israel ELAL
And my champagne __ FIZZLEDOUT
Apartment building unit STORY
Applies henna to, say DYES
Approached nightfall GOTDARK
As we speak NOW
Attacks ONSETS
Bar mixer TONIC
Barely ahead UPONE
Baseball’s Doubleday ABNER
Basketball Hall of Fame coach Smith DEAN
Beefy soup ingredient OXTAIL
Benefit SAKE
Besides that ALSO
Blunted sword EPEE
Bond that promotes easy communication RAPPORT
Boring tools AWLS
Canasta combination MELD
Carnival city RIO
Celtic language IRISH
Climb, in a way SHIN
Cockatoo feature CREST
Cold War initials USSR
Computer instructions CODE
Cookie with a Red Velvet variety OREO
Courtyard PATIO
Cream additive ALOE
Crossword-solving Simpson LISA
Cultural character ETHOS
Deserving of WORTH
Designated space AREA
Direct attention REFER
Director in the theater? USHER
Dramatic offering PLAY
Empower ENABLE
European erupter ETNA
Felt remorse for RUED
Finally registered SANKIN
First name in design COCO
Fix, as a toy SPAY
Fluffy-eared marsupial KOALA
Four-wheeler, briefly ATV
Functional UTILE
Genetic material DNA
Golf course rental CART
Goods suffix WARE
Grayish ASHY
Ground cover TARP
Hard-hit batted ball LINER
Harmless, as a lie WHITE
Help grow up REAR
Honeycomb compartment CELL
In that case IFSO
Jellylike alga extract AGAR
Jewish assembly site SHUL
Lacking talent for BADAT
Lead to ENDIN
Leaning to one side ALOP


Clues Answers
Legislative body HOUSE
Longtime PLO chairman ARAFAT
Look after TEND
Madeline of ‘Blazing Saddles’ KAHN
Many a surfer AOLER
Mauritania neighbor MALI
Mediterranean capital BEIRUT
Mink cousin OTTER
Miscellany OLIO
Mount north of Redding, California SHASTA
Move bit by bit INCH
My crayon __ DREWABLANK
Native New Zealander MAORI
Not seen before NEW
Occupied INUSE
Old Russian autocrat CZAR
One of this puzzle’s 144 CLUE
Others, in Latin ALII
Parachute fabric NYLON
Parasite LEECH
Pay television CABLE
Personality categories TYPES
Play the first card LEAD
Poet Pound EZRA
Pot-__: ‘on the fire’ French stew AUFEU
Poured juices over BASTED
Printer cartridge contents TONER
Quacked company name AFLAC
Reckless RASH
Reebok rival PUMA
Reporter at the front EMBED
Resting upon ATOP
Roman garment TOGA
Sack lead-in KNAP
Second chance REDO
Shut (up) PENT
Sleep disorder APNEA
Slow way of speaking DRAWL
Small antelope with an echoic name DIKDIK
Small deer ROES
Snake worshippers, e.g CULT
So last year DATED
Soften EASE
Sonny and Cher, for one DUO
South Pacific island group SAMOA
Spanish 51-Across TEAMO
Spread outward SPLAY
Start of a football play SNAP
Stately trees ELMS
Stead LIEU
Step on it when you need to step on it THEGAS
Swahili boss BWANA
Symbol of bondage YOKE
Tab, say KEY
Tats INK
Text sent with x’s and o’s ILUVU
Thing of the past RELIC
Title for fictional detective Peter Wimsey LORD
Trac II cousin ATRA
Twining plant VETCH
Walt Whitman volunteered as one during the Civil War NURSE
Wander aimlessly ROAM
Web message EMAIL
What may come to mind IDEA
__ Woods, original voice of Disney’s Cinderella ILENE