Universal Crossword Answers – Aug 10 2021

Daily crossword solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – Aug 10 2021 . The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
"Er, uh-uh" UMNO
"Handling that right now!" ONIT
"Moana" demigod MAUI
"This 3 p.m. crash is hitting me hard!" INEEDANAP
"You’ve got mail!" company AOL
2, 4, 6, 8 and so on EVENS
Airport area GATE
Alarm clock toggle AMPM
Alphabetically first noble gas ARGON
Apartment payment RENT
Arabian capital whose name has three A’s SANAA
Athlete’s best effort AGAME
Board whose name combines two words for "yes" OUIJA
Butler of "300" GERARD
Camera initials SLR
Camera memory chip SDCARD
Capital of Latvia RIGA
Catan resource ORE
Chatter YAP
Chest-pumping skill: Abbr CPR
City of Love … and the Louvre PARIS
Comfy SNUG
Competes in a musical battle RAPS
Core components? ABS
Crime group MAFIA
Delight JOY
Device with tuners RADIO
Dog breed from Japan AKITA
Doles (out) METES
Easy basketball shot LAYUP
Falco of "The Sopranos" EDIE
Fizzling noise PFFT
Foldable bed COT
Founding Father Thomas PAINE
Gear teeth COGS
Gently urge COAX
George Carlin became the first one in ’75 SNLHOST
Get on in years AGE
Getting on in years OLD
Goes up RISES
Good engine noise PURR
Got an A+ on, perhaps ACED
Great way to be rewarded AMPLY
Hangs out in the backyard, say? DRIES
Ibiza, por ejemplo ISLA
Inside looks? XRAYS
Italian lawn bowling BOCCE
Ivy in the Keystone State, familiarly PENN
Kit ___ KAT
Leaf-gathering tool RAKE
Little bird’s sound PEEP
Loki’s home, in Marvel movies ASGARD
Mario ___ (racing game) KART
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, for one TEST
Network point NODE
Not touch with a ten-foot pole AVOID
Ones who eat a fully plant-based diet VEGANS
Org. symbolized by an elephant GOP
Overly complimentary article PUFFPIECE
Photographer Goldin NAN
Pigpens STIES
Places for soaks SPAS
Politician Andrew YANG
Shape of Martin Luther King Jr.’s moral universe ARC
Softball glove MITT
Sugar substitute STEVIA
Sycophant LAPDOG
Tears apart RENDS
The basics ABCS
The chicken thief tried to ___ LIFTAFINGER
The chocolate thief tried to ___ STEALAKISS
The dessert thief tried to ___ TAKETHECAKE
The whiskey thief tried to ___ GRABADRINK
Treat with a hole DONUT
Warning sign REDFLAG
What holds water? DAM
___ alla vodka PENNE