Universal Crossword Answers – Aug 13 2020

Daily crossword solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – Aug 13 2020 . The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
"Absolutely!" YES
"Enigma Variations" composer ELGAR
"I’ll do it" LETME
"Knives Out" actress de Armas ANA
"Over here!" PSST
"Thus with a kiss I ___": Romeo DIE
"Top Chef" network BRAVO
"Whose ___ are you on?" SIDE
"___ Miserables" LES
*Gel in a petri dish SILVERARGON
*Sugar source CALCIUMNEON
Acquired GOT
Affectionate letters in American Sign Language ILY
Ancient counters ABACI
Authorizes ENTITLES
Beginning ONSET
Blue-green shade TEAL
Blueprint detail, informally SPEC
Boxer Ali LAILA
Cartoon punch sound BAM
Chart whose symbols are needed to decode the starred entries PERIODICTABLE
Create MAKE
Darth Sidious’ order SITH
Engrave ETCH
Etiquette expert named the second most powerful woman in America in 1950 EMILYPOST
Extinct flightless bird DODO
Far from urban RURAL
Figure at a broker’s open AGENT
First princess of the Disney Renaissance era ARIEL
Foe of Wonder Woman ARES
Fruits in some tarts PEARS
Gave up, as land CEDED
Gobble up EAT
Good’s opponent EVIL
Google Maps lines: Abbr RDS
Gram and ounce UNITS
Half an altar exchange IDO
Helps badly? ABETS
High-___ image RES
Hilarious person RIOT
Hold responsible BLAME
How Baked Alaska is traditionally served FLAMBE
In ___ of LIEU
Increase, with "up" RAMP
Japanese footwear brand ASICS
Keebler package being ELF
Kilo-seizing authorities NARCS
Lawn material SOD
Loading sites DOCKS
Long scarves STOLES
Made simpler EASED
Moderate gait TROT
Occasion for a king cake MARDIGRAS
Opening trio ABC
Pinocchio, famously LIAR
Polynesian New Zealanders MAORIS
Really bug NETTLE
Really bugs IRKS
River featured prominently in "Aida" NILE
Ruler of Qatar EMIR
Say 23-Across AGREE
Showing no emotion STOIC
Step (on) TREAD
Striped cat TABBY
Sultanate on the Arabian Peninsula OMAN
Tattoos, informally INK
The second "D" in DVD DISC
Tightened as a team? COEDITED
VCR inserts TAPES
Width x length, for a rectangle AREA
Wind instrument? VANE
Winning gesture VSIGN
Word after "speed" or "baby" BUMP
You might be green with it ENVY