Universal Crossword Answers – Feb 1 2021

Daily crossword solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – Feb 1 2021 . The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Universal Crossword Answers – Feb 1 2021 .

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Clues Answers
"Here’s how ___ it …" ISEE
"In your dreams!" ASIF
"Mona ___" LISA
"The Lion King" protagonist SIMBA
"Will do!" ONIT
*Faster bus transit option EXPRESSLINE
*Four-legged helper at some baseball games BATDOG
*It’s bigger than a twin QUEENBED
*Meaty lunch order HAMSANDWICH
100-degree day, say … or each starred answer’s end, based on a word that can precede it? HOTONE
180 degrees from sur NORTE
3.8, to 38 TENTH
A-Rod’s first name ALEX
Baghdad citizens IRAQIS
Bawler’s droplets TEARS
Be emotionally invested CARE
Bitter drinks ALES
Chipper greeting HIYA
Co.’s stock market debut IPO
Computer science pioneer Turing ALAN
Cooking fat LARD
Crunchy lunch order BLT
Eerie sign OMEN
Elba of "Cats" IDRIS
Elitist SNOB
Enter slowly EASEIN
Finish for the day, as a school LETOUT
Fork prong TINE
Go out on a ___ LIMB
Great homophone GRATE
Great ones think alike MINDS
Greek letter that resembles a rotated M SIGMA
Gurira of "Black Panther" DANAI
Hair-coloring substance DYE
Hand support in a staircase RAILING
Heavy ___ (major players) HITTERS
High-profile celeb ALISTER
Intended MEANT
Kinda ___ SORTA
Lightbulb unit WATT
Make amends ATONE
Moisturizer brand OLAY
Musical group BAND
Not commonplace RARE
Not get soaked STAYDRY
Opposite of "nay" YEA
Pixy ___ (candy) STIX
Pokes, or punches JABS
Prefix for "galactic" INTER
Put back to zero RESET
Raisin, once GRAPE
Reads Braille, for example FEELS
Regarding ASTO
Result of recon INTEL
Shortcut’s opposite LONGWAY
Show amazement GAPE
Sky’s color, in San Salvador AZUL
Spanish for "love" AMOR
Supposed reason PRETEXT
Tendril of smoke WISP
The Crab or the Horsehead, in astronomy NEBULA
Theater box perch LOGESEAT
Uncooked RAW
Unimprovable IDEAL
Up-and-down playground apparatus SEESAW
Verse of a poem STANZA
Very attentive RAPT
Vietnamese holiday TET
What square feet measure AREA
When something is over, schedule-wise ENDDATE
Where the Pacers and Fever play, for short INDY
___ Dems (U.K. political party) LIB
___ Mahal TAJ