Universal Crossword Answers – Feb 10 2022 s

Daily crossword solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – Feb 10 2022 s. The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
"Baby" whale in a Raffi song BELUGA
"For ___ a jolly …" HES
"Hungarian Rhapsodies" composer LISZT
"Not so!" response ISTOO
"Sadly …" ALAS
"___ a shame" THATS
"___, Fat, Acid, Heat" (Nosrat cookbook) SALT
(I dunno) SHRUG
*Forms a scab (Anagram hint: Think "oil") HEALSOVER
*Just keep talking (Anagram hint: Think "statues") RAMBLEONANDON
*Shredding (Anagram hint: Think "countertops") TEARINGTOBITS
*Sparks emanate from it (Anagram hint: Think "roofing") TESLACOIL
2016 Olympics city RIO
A blinking one is equivalent to a stop sign REDLIGHT
ABBA song that pairs well with "Help!"? SOS
Actress Fisher of "Now You See Me" ISLA
Bathroom and kitchen fixtures SINKS
Blackjack request HITME
Boxer Laila ALI
Buck’s mate DOE
City north of Pittsburgh ERIE
Cobbler fruit PEACH
Decree EDICT
Entirely ALL
Extremely ULTRA
Eye surgery tool LASER
First name of Batman’s alter ego BRUCE
Flub ERR
Foul smells ODORS
Ga. hub ATL
Gait faster than a walk TROT
Greenish eye color HAZEL
Hard-to-detect amount TRACE
Inc., in Britain LTD
It contains a nucleus CELL
It’s "just a number" AGE
Item in the plus column ASSET
Julius Erving’s nickname DRJ
Kind of bulb or TV LED
Kylo ___ (Leia’s son) REN
Leaf line VEIN
Like the have-nots NEEDY
March 15, e.g IDES
Marvel hero who can control weather STORM
Massage venue SPA
Move, in Realtor slang RELO
Multicolored horse ROAN
Munched on ATE
Muslim head cover HIJAB
Nintendo console WII
Nirvana genre, or a hint to the first word of each starred clue’s answer ALTERNATIVEROCK
Rainbow’s shape ARC
Reality competition featuring Ariana Grande THEVOICE
Remove from a VCR EJECT
Riyadh native, e.g ARAB
Salve relative BALM
Settlement-building game CATAN
She/___ HER
Sister of Meg, Jo and Amy BETH
Skin care brand NIVEA
Slight advantage EDGE
State of the ___ ART
State where Captain Kirk will be born? IOWA
Stocking stuffers? TOES
Straighten ALIGN
Thick with greenery LUSH
Tropical fruit GUAVA
TV network focused on films TMC
Washer cycle RINSE
Went blond, perhaps DYED
Word after "tea" or "train" SET
Work (up) RILE
___ Lanka SRI