Universal Crossword Answers – Feb 13 2022 s

Daily crossword solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – Feb 13 2022 s. The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
"Anyone can see that!" NODUH
"Eureka!" AHA
"Isle of Dogs" director Anderson WES
"My man!" BRO
"Seeing red" emotion IRE
"This meeting could’ve been an ___" EMAIL
"Where America’s Day Begins" territory GUAM
"White & Nerdy" singer Yankovic WEIRDAL
"___ my problem" NOT
Actress Thurman UMA
Amazon assistant ALEXA
Animal that floats on its back OTTER
Apply lightly DABON
Apt rhyme for "net" LET
Assortment ARRAY
Baby goat KID
Big soda size LARGE
Bird on the Mexican flag EAGLE
Bladed steering implements OARS
Bout-ending decision: Abbr TKO
British singer Rita ORA
Bubble tea insert STRAW
Camera type, briefly SLR
Carey dubbed "Queen of Christmas" MARIAH
Cracked open some drinks HADAFEW
Daddy ___ (rapper from Puerto Rico, not New England) YANKEE
Danced in 3/4 time WALTZED
Debonair DASHING
Discourage DETER
Does wonderfully EXCELS
Drop that’s shed TEAR
Emotion often paired with guilt SHAME
Enchanted sea monster? (NBA/NHL) MAGICKRAKEN
Falafel sandwich topper TAHINI
Feel lousy AIL
Flame-shooting sorcerers? (MLS/NBA) FIREWIZARDS
Game whose winner always throws? DARTS
Glassblowing, e.g ART
Hobbyist’s miniature racer SLOTCAR
ICU workers DRS
Injury WOUND
Lightning-wielding behemoths? (WNBA/NFL) STORMGIANTS
Like a blue lobster RARE
Like a good product name APT
Lil ___ X NAS
Look for SEEK
Luau garland LEI
Marine mammals that bark SEALS
Maze runner RAT
Meal with a recitation of the 10 Plagues SEDER
Mountains’ tops SUMMITS
Nature spirit NYMPH
Objectives GOALS
One of four for a fox PAW
Orange type NAVEL
Pale lager PILSNER
Program problem ERROR
Put in power ELECT
Qatari, e.g ARAB
Quintet to which "Y" may be added AEIOU
Response to "How now, brown cow?" MOO
Run out of batteries DIE
Scrape (by) EKE
Sing loudly, with "out" BELT
Small piece of paper SCRAP
Stuck in a loop? LASSOED
Tea dispenser URN
They carry blood to the heart VEINS
Thinks tactically PLANS
Tip jar bills ONES
To the ___ degree NTH
Tot’s ride TRIKE
Type of flute or saxophone ALTO
Understand GET
Unrestrained occult figures? (NHL/WNBA) WILDMYSTICS
Work such as "Doctor Atomic" OPERA