Universal Crossword Answers – Feb 22 2022 s

Daily crossword solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – Feb 22 2022 s. The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
"That’s it!" AHA
"Waterfalls" band TLC
"___ stage left" EXIT
$$$ sources ATMS
Africa’s longest river NILE
Asian sea that’s actually a lake ARAL
Bear with cold porridge MAMA
Biological pouch SAC
Blown away AWED
Boils with anger SEETHES
Brewery choice ALE
Capable FIT
Cause of a princess’s insomnia PEA
Certain boy’s name? SUE
Certain waffles EGGOS
City northwest of Rome PISA
Classic cartoon dog with a space-related name ASTRO
Constant critic HATER
Crimson and others REDS
Dessert that may have layers CAKE
Drink akin to a Slurpee ICEE
Dutch cheese EDAM
Extraterrestrial ALIEN
Fennec fox’s famous features EARS
Garment that anagrams to "coats" ASCOT
Goatee, for one BEARD
Grip enhancer at the gym CHALK
Headliner STAR
Heater fuel option NATURALGAS
Hunting dog SETTER
In a group of AMID
In the distance AFAR
In the know AWARE
Instrument played sitting down CELLO
Janitorial tool MOP
Like an exaggerated movie CAMPY
Llama’s cousin ALPACA
Menstrual pains CRAMPS
Neither hot nor cold TEPID
Number of horns for the Indian rhinoceros ONE
Only U.S. state with a three-word capital UTAH
Part of a min SEC
Part of CD DISC
Popular dog name that’s Latin for "moon" LUNA
Precise copy REPLICA
Queensland’s capital BRISBANE
Rain clouds NIMBI
Role that might involve flipping burgers MCJOB
Saguaro and peyote CACTI
Secretive org CIA
See 38-Across ACORN
Send payment REMIT
Singer Guthrie ARLO
Snack ___ (concession stand) BAR
So far YET
Soft leather SUEDE
Song with a silent start? PSALM
Speedy plane JET
Stare with an open mouth GAPE
Tender cut of meat LOIN
Tequila source AGAVE
Thanks, in Hawaii MAHALO
This answer and others ACROSSES
Time of importance ERA
To the rear of BEHIND
Totally committed INDEEP
Tree that a 33-Down grows into OAK
Type of package sent by an empty nester, maybe CARE
Ultimate victory, or a hint to the ends of 20-, 32- and 41-Across THELASTLAUGH
Vehicle with a meter CAB
Venue for a huge concert ARENA
Word following "teen" or "American" IDOL
Work place DESK
Working hard ATIT
___ Millions MEGA