Universal Crossword Answers – Jan 2 2021

Daily crossword solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – Jan 2 2021 . The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
"Charlotte’s Web" animal PIG
"Cheerleader" singer OMI
"Definitely!" YEP
"Insecure" co-creator Issa RAE
"Neato!" RAD
"There was no other choice …" ALAS
"Worldwide Underground" singer Erykah BADU
"___ Maria" AVE
‘Do for Questlove AFRO
***"As I was going to St. ___ …" IVES
****Autonomous wrestling ROBOTSUMO
****Escorted down the aisle, say LEDIN
***Alps’ place EUROPE
***Sewer dweller RAT
**Collect, as rewards REAP
**Nickname for singer Swift TAYTAY
**PC connection LAN
*Garment that covers waves DURAG
*Intertwined ENTANGLED
2015 Cold War film, or a hint to the words hidden across the rows of starred answers BRIDGEOFSPIES
25-Down digit TOE
A parent may teach a child how to make it BED
Actress Thurman UMA
Apple drink CIDER
Big Wave Golden ___ (Kona brew) ALE
Body spray brand AXE
Bottomless Steak Fries chain REDROBIN
Bread eaten with tikka masala NAAN
Colorado natives UTES
Continued and continued RANON
December 31, for one EVE
Driver’s license with an added stamp REALID
Foot treatment, informally PEDI
Furious ANGRY
Gets in tents CAMPS
Hurled FLUNG
In the distance AFAR
Indian rice cake IDLI
Indicate DENOTE
Irksome VEXING
Kuwaiti ruler EMIR
Like a sloth SLOW
Like the number 2021 ODD
Locker-room smells ODORS
Love, in Spanish AMOR
Lucky charm AMULET
Met people? OPERAGOERS
Name found in "angel investor" ELI
Norse god whom Gandalf has parallels to ODIN
One of up to four in a tweet IMAGE
Org. whose athletes try to be subpar PGA
Pizzeria fixtures OVENS
Put on DON
Quaint "not" NARY
Race circuit LAP
Reputation-damaging DEFAMATORY
Shark parts FINS
Singer Carey MARIAH
Sonic’s game company SEGA
Spheres ORBS
Start with a clean ___ SLATE
Stellar phenomenon NOVA
Stiletto alternative WEDGE
Story like "The Heart of a Monkey" FOLKTALE
Suddenly hear your alarm, maybe SNAPTO
Super Bowl arbiter REF
Sushi eggs ROE
Taste or touch SENSE
Texting format: Abbr SMS
Tiny piece BIT
Train type that has hit 374 mph MAGLEV
Verified smarty-pants MENSAN
What passionate people get "bitten by" THEBUG
Word after "parallel" or "public" PARK
Word on the street RUMOR
___ in the neck PAIN
___ take (comic’s reaction) SPIT