Universal Crossword Answers – Jan 2 2022

Daily crossword solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – Jan 2 2022 . The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
"History ___ Its Eyes on You" ("Hamilton" song) HAS
"On Earth ___ Briefly Gorgeous" (Vuong novel) WERE
"When will you be here?" ETA
"Ziwe" channel, for short SHO
"___ is meant to disturb, science reassures" ART
Abhor HATE
Advanced H.S. math course APCALC
Back in time AGO
Biting insect, informally SKEETER
Bottom of a shoe SOLE
By way of VIA
Bygone Russian ruler TSAR
Cloth napkins and placemats, e.g TABLELINEN
Color similar to khaki TAN
Colorful aquarium fish TETRA
Cookies with a Mega Stuf variety OREOS
De-wrinkling appliance IRON
Dept. of Labor agency OSHA
Detectives SLEUTHS
Dorm event planners, for short RAS
Expand, like a house ADDONTO
False appearance GUISE
Film with the theme song "My Heart Will Go On" TITANIC
Floral necklaces LEIS
Former Giant Manning ELI
Futbol cheer OLE
Gallbladder fluid BILE
Game whose name is a Spanish number UNO
Going nonstop ONATEAR
Greek letter before chi PHI
Gym count REPS
Hamilton bills TENS
Help AID
Jazz pianist Jones HANK
Jimmy Eat World genre EMO
Lead-in to "Pen" or "center" EPI
Light therapy device SUNLAMP
Like most WNBA players TALL
Lil ___ Howery ("Get Out" actor) REL
Location to be hit TARGETAREA
Lowered your seat? SAT
Lumpy stocking stuffer COAL
M.D.’s co-workers RNS
Machine for a Tide Pod WASHER
Major employer? ARMY
Midday nap SIESTA
Music staff symbol CLEF
Name hidden in "car insurance" ARI
Old Italian bread? LIRA
One of the Teletubbies LAALAA
One-named K-pop star PSY
Philly Ivy PENN
Place with many beers on draft TAPROOM
PreCheck org TSA
Queen on Mount Olympus HERA
Question at the end of a riddle, sometimes WHOAMI
Radiate EMIT
Raunchy material SMUT
Regarding ASTO
Screw up ERR
Senegal’s capital DAKAR
Slippery fish EEL
Smooth transition SEGUE
Soup-serving utensil LADLE
Strike down SMITE
Swaddle ENWRAP
The "A" of T.A ASST
Underground rock band? ORE
Units of electrical current AMPERES
Untruthful person LIAR
Water, in French EAU
Where to find a roof? ONTHEHOUSE
Where to find a sweater? OVERTHETOP
Where to find logs? UNDERFIRE
Where to find soap bubbles? INALATHER
Works hard TOILS
Wyatt or Wynonna EARP
___ mater ALMA
___ out (barely gets) EKES
___-de-sac CUL