Universal Crossword Answers – Jan 20 2022

Daily crossword solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – Jan 20 2022 . The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
"As ___ my last email …" PER
"Cool" amount of money MIL
"Insecure" star Rae ISSA
"Stat!" ASAP
"The People’s Princess" (… letters 5-9) DIANASPENCER
"Velcro … what a rip-off," e.g PUN
"You’ve gotta be kidding!" CMON
1900 Puccini classic TOSCA
A long while AGES
Absinthe ingredient whose letters are all in the word "absinthe" ANISE
Adderall might be prescribed for it ADHD
Adored person IDOL
Assist in the gym SPOT
Assistance AID
Big name in PCs DELL
Block, like a river DAMUP
Brand of cold brew? BUDICE
Carded IDED
Counterpart of urban RURAL
Deduce INFER
Disneyland attraction RIDE
Dude BRO
Forbid BAN
Former Iranian ruler SHAH
Former U.S. Poet Laureate Dove RITA
Goof up ERR
Habitual visits to 25-Down (… letters 5-9) REGULARCHECKUPS
Insurer acquired by CVS Health AETNA
Jai ___ ALAI
Kimono sash OBI
Like some superheroes CAPED
Loathe HATE
Loses a coat? SHEDS
Low-___ image RES
Marinated Filipino dish ADOBO
Mimics APES
Nacion de Barcelona ESPANA
Name hidden in "rotten idea" ENID
Nobelist Sadat ANWAR
Not bring up again LETDIE
Not much ATAD
Outflow’s opposite INTAKE
Piece containing a take OPEDCOLUMN
Point toward AIMAT
Practice piece by composer Frederic (In this clue’s answer, see letters 4-7) CHOPINETUDE
Program for a future doc PREMED
Protrusion BULGE
Purposefully avoided, like an issue (… letters 4-8) DANCEDAROUND
Qatari leader EMIR
Region AREA
Sch. hidden in "walrus mustache" SMU
Seasonal worker? ELF
Secretive org NSA
Secretly add to an email thread BCC
Seemingly forever EONS
Singer DiFranco ANI
Smelter’s material ORE
Snoozefest BORE
Some hold MD degrees DRS
South American range ANDES
Southernmost Great Lake ERIE
Squeak-stopping liquid OIL
Stud alternative (… letters 4-7) HOOPEARRING
The "T" of MIT, informally TECH
Tiny fly MIDGE
Tomb raider Croft LARA
Took the gold WON
Trainer working on Peke perfomance? DOGHANDLER
Tupperware piece LID
Viral GIFs, e.g MEMES
Wasn’t given a choice HADTO
What matching ends of magnets do REPEL
Window frame filler PANE
Worked well together MESHED
Workplace inspection org OSHA
___ as directed USE
___ Vader of "Star Wars" DARTH
___-tac-toe TIC