Universal Crossword Answers – Jan 26 2022

Daily crossword solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – Jan 26 2022 . The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
"Casino Royale" actress Green EVA
"Como ___ usted?" ESTA
"Enough of that!" STOPIT
"Gotta have that!" INEEDIT
"Rocks" at a bar ICE
"ur hilarious" LOL
*Caddie’s bagful GOLFCLUBS
*Campaign strategist’s targets UNDECIDEDVOTERS
*Pair on a front windshield WIPERBLADES
*They ring at Notre Dame CHURCHBELLS
Actress Tyler LIV
Adored LOVED
Appealing to hipsters, perhaps EDGY
Apt anagram of a flower symbolizing love EROS
Baker’s measurements: Abbr TSPS
Beam from a high-tech alarm LASER
Beats by a long shot, say PUMMELS
Benefit of a promotion, often RAISE
Border on ABUT
Central beliefs TENETS
Coca-___ chicken COLA
Common playground fixtures … or the starred clues’ answers? SWINGSETS
Country with the highest rail bridge (in Jammu and Kashmir) INDIA
Cowboy boot accessories SPURS
Cream-filled pastries ECLAIRS
Ctrl+Y, on a PC REDO
Cuatro + cuatro OCHO
Double-reed instrument OBOE
DVD predecessor VHS
Ear projection LOBE
Erupt SPEW
Exchange SWAP
Explorer with a talking map DORA
Fish that can swim backward EELS
Foreign representatives ENVOYS
Frontline health professional NURSE
Frozen rain SLEET
Gondolier’s waterway CANAL
Gumption NERVE
High-five invitation UPTOP
In mint condition NEW
Kagan who was Harvard Law’s first female dean ELENA
Language family including Ukrainian SLAVIC
Leopard’s markings SPOTS
Let fall DROP
Letters before 15 or 30, on some tubes SPF
Luka Doncic’s league NBA
Not short LONG
Occasion for eating out? PICNIC
Opposite of 48-Across USED
Play on repeat LOOP
Prices that are set RATES
Proofreader’s change EDIT
Relaxed CALM
Religious act RITE
Result of a spill MESS
Rx purchases MEDS
Salad dressing staple: Abbr EVOO
Salsa brand PACE
Sea creature such as Sebastian in "The Little Mermaid" CRAB
Sea urchin, in Japanese cuisine UNI
Season for sledding WINTER
Seydoux of "No Time to Die" LEA
Sheet-___ dinner PAN
Spanish for "aunt" TIA
Stones with a fire variety OPALS
Timid MEEK
TV show with a cold open SNL
Violinist’s block ROSIN
Warbler’s digs NEST
Where clouds "hang out" SKY
Whirling water EDDY
Wilson of "The Office" RAINN
___ Paulo SAO
___-fi SCI