Universal Crossword Answers – Jul 14 2021

Daily crossword solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – Jul 14 2021 . The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
"Aquatic chicken" TILAPIA
"Dropped" drug LSD
"Every rose ___ its thorn" HAS
"Inuyasha" genre ANIME
"Law & Order: SVU" actor ICET
"No thanks" NAH
"Nothing but net" baskets SWISHES
"Starting right away!" ONIT
A portion of SOME
Anemones’ homes REEFS
At most, informally MAX
Bar offering ALE
Bay Area metropolis, to nonlocals SANFRAN
Birria or bouillabaisse STEW
Bread with palak paneer NAAN
Bread with tabbouleh PITA
Cabinet at Domino’s? PIZZAHUTCH
Caesar’s accusation ETTU
Cape Canaveral org NASA
Cereal grain OAT
Charts for sailors SEAMAPS
Chiwere-speaking tribe OTOE
Clothing tag number SIZE
Common skin condition ACNE
Dejected SAD
Emeril’s exclamation BAM
Extend your arms REACH
Former Poet Laureate Dove RITA
Give a keynote, say ORATE
Guard dog’s warning GROWL
Had a meal ATE
Hair color associated with wisdom GRAY
Highway sign EXIT
Ijeoma who wrote "Mediocre" OLUO
Instagram pictures, e.g POSTS
Intensify, as an image ENHANCE
Kagan of the court ELENA
Lamarr who held a patent for a Secret Communication System HEDY
Leave gawking STUN
Mediator’s skill TACT
Miffed SORE
NATO letter after Oscar PAPA
Neighbor of Cameroon CHAD
New ones often change many diapers DADS
Oldest March sister in "Little Women" MEG
One may streak past Earth COMET
One with a black cat and mean canines? BITINGWITCH
Opted (for) WENT
People.com competitor TMZ
Person showing a lot of potential UPANDCOMER
Person who’s single, good-looking and irritable? GRUMPYCATCH
Platypus venom, e.g TOXIN
Pollen pouch SAC
Polo of "Meet the Parents" TERI
Pushup counts REPS
Relieve (of) RID
Safari runners? MACS
Sci-fi robot DROID
Score after a touchdown EXTRAPOINT
Seated on ATOP
Secret entrance to a rave? PARTYHATCH
Shape of a watermelon’s shadow OVAL
Song such as "Islands in the Stream" DUET
Supports for certain swings ROPES
Treat indulgently, with "on" DOTE
Unwanted find in a stocking COAL
Upper storage space ATTIC
URL opener HTTP
Use a blast furnace SMELT
Video game pioneer ATARI
Wanders ROVES
Where to wipe your feet DOORMAT
Worked with thread SEWED
___ boom SONIC
___ for the course PAR
___ mater ALMA
___ Speedwagon REO