Universal Crossword Answers – Jul 9 2019

Daily crossword solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – Jul 9 2019 . The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
"As I see it," briefly IMHO
"Awesome," online WOOT
"Cheap Thrills" singer SIA
"D’oh!" accompanier (… 3-7) HEADSLAP
"Guess I’m missing out" MYLOSS
"High Voltage" rockers ACDC
"I’m ___ ears!" ALL
"No Scrubs" singers TLC
"Sad to say …" ALAS
"The Puzzle Palace" org NSA
"There Will Come Soft Rains" poet (… 7-11) SARATEASDALE
"___ Miserables" LES
2020, e.g YEAR
A-apple connector ASIN
Actor Stephen REA
AriZona alternative NESTEA
Arthur of "Maude" BEA
Aspen equipment SKIS
Back with a wager BETON
Both parents in some families DADS
Bran cereal fruit RAISIN
Bringing up the rear DEADLAST
Bumble or Bristlr APP
Calculator ancestor SLIDERULE
Chips accompaniers (… 2-6) SALSADIPS
City in French Flanders LILLE
Congestion relief option (… 2-6) NASALDROP
Dessert topped with meringue (… 5-9) BAKEDALASKA
Dizzy Gillespie genre BOP
Do an usher’s job SEAT
Either "Avengers: Endgame" director RUSSO
Entreat PLEAD
Essential thing MUST
Factory safety org OSHA
Former Cowboys coach in a fedora LANDRY
French friend AMIE
Get out of hand RUNWILD
Guadalajara greeting HOLA
Guru followers SIKHS
Had a little lamb, say DINED
Has too much, for short ODS
Have to have NEED
Human rights lawyer Clooney AMAL
Indian lentil dish DAL
Japanese veggie that’s one letter short of a noodle UDO
Lettuce-drying tool, or a hint to this puzzle’s theme (… 2-6!) SALADSPINNER
Like farm country RURAL
Like one battery terminal ANODAL
Longtime anchor Rather DAN
Made fancy DIDUP
Mommies’ mommies NANAS
Nonclerical LAY
Observatory instrument TELESCOPE
On the ocean ATSEA
One junior to a junior, casually SOPH
One using Juuls VAPER
Otto ___ Bismarck VON
Poison-pen letters HATEMAIL
Pronoun for Miss Piggy MOI
Recuperate HEAL
Regret deeply RUE
Rhyming English class, briefly LITCRIT
Ridiculous INANE
Sacred spots SANCTA
She helped Jason MEDEA
Slot machine feature ONEARM
Sporty Spice MELC
Tic ___ TAC
Timothee of "Call Me by Your Name" CHALAMET
Tropical cocktails (see letters … 7-11) PINACOLADAS
Under the weather ILL
V.A. hospital concern PTSD
Warren Buffett, geographically OMAHAN