Universal Crossword Answers – Jun 17 2020

Daily crossword solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – Jun 17 2020 . The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
"A Star Is Born" actor Baldwin ALEC
"Ants in one’s pants" or "bee in one’s bonnet" IDIOM
"Errare humanum ___" EST
"Lookie here!" OHO
"Money ___ everything" ISNT
"Social contract" philosopher John LOCKE
"You’re not telling the truth!" LIAR
"___ me!" ("Goodness!") DEAR
31-ounce Starbucks size TRENTA
A bit, colloquially SORTA
A single time ONCE
Adjust, as a viola TUNE
Animal on a XING sign DEER
Arles article LES
As late as, for short TIL
Average name? DOW
Backside REAR
Bank (on) RELY
Banned TABOO
Best Actor nominee for "The Fixer" ALANBATES
Big and little clock parts HANDS
Big drawer? MECCA
Blues singer James ETTA
Bonanza find ORE
Bookie’s quote ODDS
Burgle ROB
Captured again RETOOK
Casino worker who’s more tapped out? BROKERDEALER
Classic sporty Ford, briefly TBIRD
Colosseum setting ROME
Completely botch MANGLE
Confused fight MELEE
Couch cushion line SEAM
Cristal pen maker BIC
Dairy farm sound MOO
Doing nothing IDLE
Dutch pottery city DELFT
Fancy parties GALAS
Final Four org NCAA
First U.S. space station SKYLAB
Frozen beverage brand ICEE
Good periods UPS
It becomes another name when surrounded by "H" and "N" ERMA
It’s often hard to remember DREAM
Kindle download EBOOK
Large Hadron Collider acronym CERN
Liquid that’s more low-calorie? LIGHTERFLUID
Make tracks? SKI
More optimistic ROSIER
Movie preview that’s more amusingly exaggerated? CAMPERTRAILER
No gentle giant OGRE
Nobel-winning chancellor Willy BRANDT
Nonkosher meat HAM
Number of syllables in this answer ONE
One may catch a moray EELER
Pennies: Abbr CTS
Pinewood derby org BSA
Pirate’s exclamation ARR
Rousing WAKING
Ruckus ADO
Run out of power DIE
Speaking tour events TALKS
Spitting sound PTUI
Teri of "Mr. Mom" GARR
The whole shebang ALL
Thin with water DILUTE
Touch on the shoulder TAP
Water barrier at a zoo MOAT
Waxing crescent, e.g., for the moon PHASE
White wine aperitif KIR
Window ledge SILL
Writer Zola EMILE
___ bond IONIC