Universal Crossword Answers – Jun 20 2019

Daily crossword solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – Jun 20 2019 . The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
"Ships of the desert" CAMELS
"There’s ___ in team" NOI
"To Autumn," e.g ODE
"Without a doubt!" YES
"___ boy!" ATTA
"___ the ramparts …" OER
1929 stock market event CRASH
Acid LSD
Active sort DOER
Arab chieftain EMIR
Archery missile ARROW
Bach’s "Mass ___ Minor" INB
Baltic capital RIGA
Certain refrigerant FREON
Color-changing gem OPAL
Come upon MEET
Community rec center YMCA
Companies with connections, for short ISPS
Derby hat BOWLER
Drink often served with scones TEA
Drying kiln OAST
Flashin’ Fruit Punch maker HIC
Fluttery poplars ASPENS
Force to confess, say COERCE
Former partners EXES
Fruit with a Key variety LIME
Gaping mouth MAW
Goatee spot CHIN
He delivers news PAPERBOY
Headset part EARPHONE
Home electrical panel BREAKERBOX
Houston basketball player enthusiast? ROCKETBOOSTER
Introducer of a radioactivity counter GEIGER
Israeli or Arab SEMITE
It might be universal APPEAL
Japanese cartoon genre ANIME
Lady of Troy HELEN
LBJ’s successor RMN
Meditation directive INHALE
New Jersey city on the Delaware CAMDEN
Nickname MONIKER
Nondisclosure enthusiast? SECRETADMIRER
Note of referral? CROSSINDEX
Org. that has your number SSA
Party policy enthusiast? LINEBACKER
PC port USB
Physicians’ org AMA
Poker unit CHIP
Prefix meaning "six" HEXA
Prophet SEER
Raced SPED
Recedes EBBS
Rowers, informally OARS
Scot’s denial NAE
She’s sheepish EWE
Smaller clone of oneself MINIME
Snake eyes ONES
So far YET
Soda bottle units LITERS
Staircase parts STEPS
Staple dispenser GUN
Submissive MEEK
Sweet and ___ soup SOUR
Swimsuit option TWOPIECE
Take an oath SWEAR
Thing to track PACKAGE
Triple digits? AREACODE
Unstable societal condition ANOMIE
Upper limit enthusiast? CEILINGFAN
Woodsy smell enthusiast? PINENUT
Word after "first" or "foreign" AID
___ carte ALA
___ in a lifetime ONCE
___ Perignon DOM