Universal Crossword Answers – Jun 21 2020

Daily crossword solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – Jun 21 2020 . The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
"Carmen" and "Aida" OPERAS
"Too rich for my blood" IMOUT
*Big character? CAPITALLETTER
*Compensation offering SALARYPACKAGE
*Source of a decisive advantage TRUMPCARD
*Tone held for a measure WHOLENOTE
16-Across insert REED
87, say, at the pump OCTANE
A field goal earns three of them: Abbr PTS
Aids nefariously ABETS
Analyze, as a sentence PARSE
Apt exam for an aspiring theater major? ACT
Astros, on a scoreboard HOU
Automaker headquarted in Turin FIAT
Bed after a bassinet, maybe CRIB
Brews that may be pale ALES
Business envelope abbr ATTN
Butter bit PAT
Corn bread PONE
Countess or earl TITLE
Country between Ecuador and Bolivia PERU
Country folks? CITIZENS
Cowhands’ gear LASSOS
Danny of "Do the Right Thing" AIELLO
Decides OPTS
Destiny FATE
Dollars, informally SMACKERS
Draw an outline of TRACE
English horn kin OBOE
Estate representatives EXECUTORS
Facility EASE
Fat in haggis SUET
Fat in some biscuits LARD
Finish with ENDON
Fixed look STARE
Flat bread PITA
Flood map org FEMA
Foaming at the mouth RABID
Folk tales LORE
Hay places LOFTS
Hot tubs SPAS
Impudent SASSY
Insensitivity to pain ANALGESIA
Insolent talk GUFF
Italian wine region ASTI
Jeanne d’Arc, e.g., briefly STE
Jethro ___ TULL
Juror, in theory PEER
Liver spread PATE
LPGA great Lorena OCHOA
Meter maid in a Beatles song RITA
Needed a massage, perhaps ACHED
Ob-___ GYN
Org. that delivers the starred answers’ ends USPS
Part of a decade YEAR
Practices jabs, say SPARS
Precious ones DEARS
Repairs MENDS
Right direction? EAST
Roll along a runway TAXI
Sanctuary ASYLUM
Select group ELITE
Sends out EMITS
Shaping machine in a shop LATHE
Singer ___ Rae Jepsen CARLY
Star-crossed Montague ROMEO
The "N" of N.B NOTA
There are 32 in a qt OZS
Trash-loving Muppet OSCAR
U.S. money to the right of a decimal point CENTS
Water in la mer EAU
White bed, perhaps? RICE
Wolfish wails HOWLS
Woman’s name that’s Latin for "star" STELLA
___ uproar INAN