Universal Crossword Answers – Jun 9 2019

Daily crossword solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – Jun 9 2019 . The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
"Anything ___?" ELSE
"Back up" PC command UNDO
"Beetle Bailey" dog OTTO
"Dream on!" ASIF
"Got it" ISEE
"I, Claudius" role NERO
"The Beat With ___ Melber" ARI
"Way to go, son!" ATTABOY
"Yippee!" WAHOO
"___ of the D’Urbervilles" TESS
18-Down’s menu EDIT
20-20, say TIED
Analogous AKIN
Animal house LAIR
Apply, as pressure EXERT
Arc de Triomphe’s city PARIS
Assists AIDS
Befitting a child FILIAL
Bikini blast, briefly NTEST
Bishop’s domain DIOCESE
Blew it ERRED
Boat propellers OARS
Body spray brand AXE
Brought into play USED
Burn balm ALOE
C-worthy SOSO
Camper’s quarters TENT
Deception LIE
Delhi dress SARI
Digital cookie source WEBSITE
Dress style created by Dior ALINE
Driver’s license org DMV
Early computer ENIAC
Earth: Prefix GEO
Erratic disposition MERCURIALTEMPER
Fine cotton PIMA
Fireplace remnant CINDER
Fooling (around) HORSING
Frost lines? POEM
Go in circles? ORBIT
Goulash, for one STEW
GPS suggestions RTES
Gray, in a way AGE
Greek love god EROS
Helped in a heist ABETTED
Horror movie street ELM
Hush-hush SECRET
Jazz group COMBO
Len of "Blue Bloods" CARIOU
Like some yogurt NONFAT
Like spoiled milk BAD
Lunatic MANIAC
Military hat BERET
Moving vehicles VANS
Northern Israeli port HAIFA
Oman currency RIAL
Palindromic diarist NIN
Pigeon sound COO
Premier pineapple producer DOLE
Prettifies ADORNS
Prolonged battle SIEGE
Second-highest Monopoly roll ELEVEN
Severe statute DRACONIANLAW
Singer Del Rey LANA
Snitch TELL
Some like it hot CEREAL
Sundae topper, perhaps OREO
The worst ones are often the best PUNS
Tree symbolizing strength OAK
Tree with pods CATALPA
Vowel-shaped bridge support IBAR
Wash gently against LAPAT
What best friends may feel PLATONICLOVE
Where Buddhism and Taoism originated ASIA
Yiddish gossips YENTAS