Universal Crossword Answers – Mar 14 2021

Daily crossword solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – Mar 14 2021 . The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
"Chicago" actor Richard GERE
"Cold one" BEER
"Fear of Flying" author Jong ERICA
"I don’t have a preference" YOUPICK
"I’m here to help" USEME
"The Thinker," for one (6 to 10) BRONZESCULPTURE
Anjou alternatives BOSCS
Astros, on scoreboards HOU
Basic shape for a toy train track OVAL
Bathroom fixtures TUBS
Belly feature NAVEL
Bite down CHOMP
Boy in "The Kite Runner" AMIR
Burden ONUS
Burglarize ROB
Bygone Russian leaders TSARS
China collection SET
Classic Ford cars, for short TBIRDS
Cream-filled pastry ECLAIR
Ctrl-___-Del ALT
Dead set (on) BENT
Defense policy grp NSC
Devastation RUIN
Diplomatic skill TACT
Dishonest person LIAR
Extremely confused LOST
Family court decree (3 to 7) SOLECUSTODY
Fawns’ fathers STAGS
Financial liability DEBT
Flip-flop THONG
Former 52-Down attraction SHAMU
Gloom’s partner DOOM
Got a perfect score on ACED
Goya’s "The Clothed ___" MAJA
H.S. exam PSAT
Hairy twin in Genesis ESAU
Heavy metal’s Motley ___ CRUE
Iraqi money DINAR
Killer whale ORCA
Large Australian birds EMUS
Lawyer’s title, briefly ESQ
Like some traditions ORAL
Little bird that hoots OWLET
Madagascar primate LEMUR
Medium’s deck TAROT
Minor adjustment TWEAK
Mistrusting LEERY
Name hidden in "scale back" CALEB
Name that’s a sour fruit backward EMIL
Nomad who threatened Rome HUN
One way or another? ROAD
Online address URL
Perfume compound ESTER
Place to get a date … but not to bring one (6 to 10) SINGLESCLUB
Poker type STUD
Possible sib for a sis BRO
Prefix with "angle" TRI
Prohibition BAN
Pursue game HUNT
Religious branch SECT
Rental document LEASE
Response to "Am not!" ARESO
Sellers’ inspector? (unscramble letters 5 to 9 in this answer) JACQUESCLOUSEAU
Short and thick STUBBY
Slowly recedes EBBS
Stouts and porters ALES
Takes by force SEIZES
Took by force USURPED
Trough spot STY
Turned on, as a computer BOOTEDUP
Vehicle that may be articulated BUS
Violin part that touches your face CHINREST
VW precursors? STU
Walk leisurely MOSEY
Watch the baby SIT
Word after "polar" or "teddy" BEAR
Years and years EON
___ Men ("Who Let the Dogs Out" group) BAHA