Universal Crossword Answers – Mar 19 2020

Daily crossword solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – Mar 19 2020 . The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
"By yesterday!" ASAP
"Frozen II" or "Toy Story 4" SEQUEL
"Green Eggs and Ham" nickname SAMIAM
"Meh" gesture SHRUG
"Razors pain you … Acids ___ you" (Dorothy Parker) STAIN
"___ and Circumstance" POMP
1989 Disney princess ARIEL
Akron’s state OHIO
Anklebone-related TARSAL
Benadryl target ITCH
Big do BASH
Big fusses ADOS
Bottled water brand AQUAFINA
Bread dipped in hummus PITA
Budget entry ITEM
Charmin’ costume? MUMMY
Classic soda NEHI
Clip wool from (4 to 7) SHEDATEAR
Come back, like sound ECHO
Cooper automaker MINI
Decision-maker’s power SAYSO
Doled (out) (1 to 4) PLUMMETED
Enters aggressively, with "in" BARGES
European bathroom fixtures BIDETS
Falco of "Tommy" EDIE
Far from pasty RUDDY
Fawn’s mom DOE
Fighting ATWAR
Figure skater Baiul OKSANA
Fishing poles (3 to 7) ROMANGODS
Flow slowly SEEP
Garden tool on a reel, often HOSE
Gotten a glimpse of SEEN
Gratifies PLEASES
Halfway through a day NOON
Hallowed SACRED
Hot dog preservative NITRITE
How a candidate may look after a debate? AHEAD
Initial stage ONSET
Intense attack on a fort, say SIEGE
Kool-___ AID
Light lingerie shade ECRU
Line dances with kicks CONGAS
Low female voice ALTO
Many: Prefix POLY
Movable floor coverings AREARUGS
Not that! THIS
Nothing more than MERE
One of 21 on a die PIP
Paper-saving greeting ECARD
People managers BOSSES
Printer powder (hint: ignore letters 3 to 6) TOPEARNER
Problem with fishnets or a fishing net SNAG
Radiate EMIT
Real Simple finds new ones for old things USES
Refined, as skills HONED
Required NEEDED
Revered celebrity IDOL
Rite of ___ PASSAGE
Sea, in Martinique MER
Shakespearean or Spenserian poems SONNETS
Ski resort southwest of Vail ASPEN
Skiers’ accommodations LODGES
Soaks up some sun TANS
Sonic’s creator SEGA
The Equality State, briefly WYO
The fog comes on little ones, in a Sandburg poem CATFEET
Type of golf tourney PROAM
Venues with many seats ARENAS
Wear a hangdog expression MOPE
What jam makers skim SCUM
What’s found in mines and many crossword grids ORE
Wished HOPED
With great passion MADLY
___-Eaters ODOR