Universal Crossword Answers – Mar 20 2020

Daily crossword solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – Mar 20 2020 . The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
"Dr." of children’s literature SEUSS
"Dunno" NOCLUE
"Fever" singer PEGGYLEE
"I don’t like your ___!" (parent’s warning) TONE
"Indeed!" YES
"Modern Family" and "Friends" SHOWS
"Not a chance!" NOSIREE
"Now it’s clear!" AHISEE
"Raise your glasses …" ATOAST
*It could be LCD or plasma FLATSCREENTV
*Nissan Rogue, e.g CROSSOVERSUV
*World’s fastest commercial electric train SHANGHAIMAGLEV
43,560 square feet ONEACRE
American Eagle lingerie line AERIE
Antifur org PETA
Aspiring M.A.’s test GRE
Believer in kama and karma HINDU
Bird-related AVIAN
Butcher’s top-notch offering PRIMECUT
Catch sight of ESPY
Certain marsupials, colloquially ROOS
Colorful part of a match HEAD
Controversial powder TALC
Dessert with a crumbly topping CRISP
Dispenser of small items … or, when read as three parts, a hint to the starred answers VENDINGMACHINE
Eastwood of Hollywood CLINT
Eye affliction STYE
Final part of a play, often ACTV
Flat fish RAY
Giant pandas’ continent ASIA
Gloomy SAD
Go to the polls VOTE
Gripping device CLAMP
House’s counterpart SENATE
Iams competitor ALPO
Jammies PJS
Jargon LINGO
Jazz great ___ Lewis RAMSEY
Jon’s dog, in comics ODIE
Make simpler EASE
Many have steeples CHURCHES
Milk, in Mexico LECHE
Nair alternative VEET
Newborn’s vocal milestone COO
Not far NEAR
Olivia of "The Newsroom" MUNN
One may have gel ink PEN
One of linen’s natural colors ECRU
Police drama since 2003 NCIS
Property of a color HUE
Rectangle or rhombus SHAPE
Sat. preceder FRI
Shallowest Great Lake ERIE
Some waffles EGGOS
Streaming delay LAG
Struggling to decide TORN
Therefore ERGO
Those without HAVENOTS
To be, to the French ETRE
Top of a Santa costume HAT
Trail mix GORP
Tyler who played Arwen LIV
Variety show REVUE
Vintage goods website ETSY
Volleyball filler AIR
Whale such as Willy ORCA
What a business doesn’t want to be in THERED
What a joke is said in JEST
Word after "Iowa" or "Kansas" CITY
Word repeated to express agreement HEAR
Word with very different meanings after "dog" and "cat" NAP
Zinfandel town LODI
___ Eaux de Chanel LES
___ on the cake ICING
___-voltage HIGH