Universal Crossword Answers – Mar 21 2020

Daily crossword solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – Mar 21 2020 . The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
"By Jove!" EGAD
"Death of a Salesman" surname LOMAN
"Gone With the Wind" family OHARAS
"Head, shoulders, ___ and toes" KNEES
"It’s on my ___ list" TODO
"South Park" co-creator Parker TREY
"We ___ the World" ARE
*Daughter of Oedipus ANT
*Harsh critics (hint: each starred answer continues through a black square!) CAST
*Listing individually ITEM
*Motionless sculptures STAB
*People in power AUTHOR
*Plastic-coating process LAM
*Strict disciplinarians MART
*Tears and others SECRET
2012-18 Mexican president NIETO
A groundhog may peek out of one HOLE
Abominable Snowman YETI
Abu Dhabi, for one EMIRATE
Affirmative responses YESES
Agitated state SNIT
All used up GONE
Amo, amas, ___ AMAT
Astound AMAZE
Baba au ___ RHUM
Barely pass, academically GETAD
Before, to a poet ERE
Big job for an organizer MESS
Broccoli stem STALK
Butterfly catchers NETS
Deserve EARN
Editor’s "let it stand" STET
Filched STOLE
First lady before Michelle LAURA
Fossilized resin AMBER
Frost HOAR
Got off the ground? LEVITATED
Great falls? NIAGARA
Guns, like an engine REVS
Halloween hope TREAT
Has a goal of AIMSTO
In that case IFSO
In ___ (as found) SITU
Indian title of respect SRI
It clings to a wall IVY
It’s about the length of a radius ULNA
Kansas City baseball enthusiast ROYALSFAN
Make ecstatic ELATE
Male turkey TOM
Meaningless sound NOISE
Meshes with a group FITSIN
Mesozoic, for one ERA
Metaphorical thing to lend EAR
Modeling material CLAY
Not handwritten TYPED
Off-white shade IVORY
Often-patterned garments TIES
Owl call HOOT
Paintings such as "The Clothed Maja" GOYAS
Pegs for LPGA players TEES
Permeate IMBUE
Pizzazz ZING
Predators with many teeth, informally GATORS
Prefix for "electric" HYDRO
Province abbr. within "Toronto" ONT
Rays that travel through water MANTAS
Region AREA
Roofing goo TAR
Runs at an easy gait LOPES
Set of fine dishes CHINA
She turned Odysseus’ crew into pigs CIRCE
Shiny fabric LAME
South Korea or South Sudan NATION
Switch positions ONS
Teenage feeling ANGST
What may be mixed with snow RAIN
World’s softest mineral TALC
___ Schwab LES