Universal Crossword Answers – May 22 2022 s

Daily crossword solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – May 22 2022 s. The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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"And there it is!" TADA
"I messed up big-time" UHOHSPAGHETTIOS
"I’ll get there when I get there!" DONTRUSHME
"Take this" HERE
"That makes sense" ISEE
"The A-Team" actor MRT
"TiK ToK" singer KESHA
"Two ___ up!" THUMBS
"Whatcha waitin’ for?!" CMON
"You goofball!" SILLYGOOSE
1/63,360 of a mile INCH
Andy Warhol muse Sedgwick EDIE
Animal represented by the stripes on Botswana’s flag ZEBRA
Animal shelter promotion ADOPTATHON
Anti-leather grp PETA
Attach as a supplement APPEND
Beyonce’s role in "The Lion King" NALA
Bounced back, like sound ECHOED
Cause for a blessing? SNEEZE
Cheeky talk SASS
Collectively ASONE
Concoction in a cauldron BREW
Confidentiality doc NDA
Confucius and Lao-tzu, for two SAGES
Driver in Hollywood ADAM
Fair to middling SOSO
Figure (out) SUSS
Firecracker cord FUSE
Flaky, buttery shell PIECRUST
Fruit-filled desserts TARTS
Horned animals of the savanna, for short RHINOS
Insertion symbols CARETS
Lab coat? FUR
Let in ADMIT
Light-year or liter, e.g UNIT
Locked down SECURED
Massage target KNOT
Mindless followers SHEEP
Monopoly cube DIE
Most common word in English THE
N.Y. Giants’ scores TDS
Name that sounds like a doorstep cover MATT
Noise from a fan WHIR
Objective fact TRUTH
One who gives pints to a bank BLOODDONOR
One working on a grand scale? PIANOTUNER
Orion, with "the" HUNTER
Pack of cards DECK
Party plans? AGENDAS
Picnic pest ANT
Pigpen STY
Pink character in Mario games TOADETTE
Puzzle in which "you" may be a ewe REBUS
Ration (out) METE
Request ASK
Run for it BOLT
Say hoarsely RASP
Second chances REDOS
Second starter? NANO
Serves a vegan a whole milk latte, say ERRS
Sesame bit SEED
Sleeveless tops, informally TANKS
Small dishes such as gambas al ajillo TAPAS
Soup base STOCK
South American people whose Earth goddess was Pachamama INCAS
Step on it! SOLE
Tense for "wined" and "dined" PAST
Therapy appointment, informally SESH
Top worn with a lei, perhaps ALOHASHIRT
Transport for a four-legged friend PETCARRIER
Treasure’s opposite TRASH
Watching cake-decorating videos at 2 a.m., say UPLATE
What may be sacrificed at the altar? MAIDENNAME
___ on the back PAT