Universal Crossword Answers – Oct 30 2021

Daily crossword solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – Oct 30 2021 . The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
"Get outta here!" SCRAM
"What a relief" PHEW
"___ Anatomy" GREYS
A step up … or down STAIR
Aid’s partner ABET
Angled accessibility aid RAMP
Apple’s word processor PAGES
Australian animal that isn’t a bear KOALA
Ballplayer’s stat RBI
Band such as BLACKPINK or Bananarama GIRLGROUP
Bashful SHY
Bert’s roommate ERNIE
Big name in insurance AETNA
Bit of cream DAB
Blunder ERR
Bull’s gender MALE
Cause of great annoyance BANE
Cheez Whiz company KRAFT
Chinese life force CHI
Close tightly SEAL
Contact case contents LENSES
Corn holders COBS
Darn, like a sock MEND
De-wrinkle IRON
Destiny FATE
Dolphins’ city MIAMI
Fifth Avenue store SAKS
Finally, in Statistics, Joe was taught several ways to ___ CRUNCHDATA
Finishes ENDS
First, in Psychology, Joe Six-Pack learned that students who do best ___ SITUPFRONT
Fish in a joke about a piano TUNA
Fitzgerald known for scat ELLA
Former quarterback Manning ELI
Get sleepy TIRE
Glitz’s partner GLAM
Glossy fabric SATIN
Graceless person OAF
Grind, as teeth GNASH
Hot couple ITEM
iPhone browser SAFARI
La Tomatina’s country SPAIN
Landed ALIT
Later, in Naval History, Joe heard about traitorous sailors who had to ___ WALKTHEPLANK
Lesser of two ___ EVILS
Letter before delta GAMMA
Lie adjacent to ABUT
Magazine edition ISSUE
Not feeling well ILL
One celebrating Diwali HINDU
One running in D.C.? NAT
Place to stay INN
Poker player’s "Check" IPASS
Popular ‘do in an ’80s yearbook PERM
Pound sound WOOF
Recorded TAPED
Run out of water DRYUP
Seasonal ailment FLU
Simple racetrack’s shape OVAL
Sitting on ATOP
Soaks up warmth BASKS
Spiritual glow AURA
Stood up ROSE
Succulent described as a "wonder plant" ALOE
Sugar measure: Abbr TSP
Take off the air CANCEL
Tear RIP
The Big Apple, for short NYC
The original YOLO? CARPEDIEM
Then, in Civil Engineering, Joe and his workout buddies teamed up to ___ BUILDABRIDGE
They say it doesn’t pay CRIME
They’re steeped TEAS
Toyota hybrid PRIUS
Trois cinq HUIT
Try to hit SWAT
Underwater habitat REEF
Weird Al hit whose title is sung after "just" EATIT
What you can count on ABACUS
Word after "nanny" or "panda" CAM