Universal Crossword Answers – Sep 2 2020

Daily crossword solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – Sep 2 2020 . The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
"Doesn’t do much for me" MEH
"Don’t go away!" STAYTUNED
"Moonstruck" star CHER
"Om," e.g MANTRA
"The Good Dinosaur" dinosaur ARLO
"Way cool!" RAD
Abacus part BEAD
Alda of "M*A*S*H" ALAN
Animal hidden in "Michael Kors" ELK
B&O and Reading RRS
Baby wipes additive ALOE
Bayou settler CAJUN
Beekeeper’s danger STING
Beloved Mister ROGERS
Best-liked thing, briefly FAVE
Body parts with bridges NOSES
Breakfast mugful, informally JAVA
Casual turndown NAH
Certain recording devices TIVOS
Chicken ___ king ALA
Circle segments ARCS
Ctrl+Z command UNDO
Diet-friendly food claim LESSFAT
Etch, as a plaque ENGRAVE
Fashion store at many malls JCREW
Fast food chain whose name is an acronym KFC
Fish eggs ROE
Flower stalk STEM
Forbid BAN
Fort that holds gold KNOX
Furniture giant IKEA
Grayish ASHY
Irish or Arabian SEA
Last names? ENDCREDITS
Last words? OVERANDOUT
Lie adjacent to ABUT
Like a credit card at its limit, with "out" MAXED
Like green apples TART
Long stretch EON
Low-___ diet CARB
Loyal TRUE
Make a copy of XEROX
Makes less difficult EASES
More outdated OLDER
Often-spicy dip SALSA
One has a front-facing cap KNEE
One is always yawning ABYSS
Pig ___ (silly language) LATIN
Place to hear or wear a ring EAR
Pleasant scent AROMA
Poehler of "Parks and Recreation" AMY
Pushing the bounds of taste EDGY
Reality show for entrepreneurs SHARKTANK
Relish SAVOR
Rids of wrinkles IRONS
Sculpted pieces of marble, perhaps BUSTS
See 15-Across INONE
Shrek’s wife FIONA
Silent assents NODS
Single step STAIR
Slippery swimmer EEL
Slow your roll? BRAKE
Stash (away) STOW
Stat that a pitcher should keep low ERA
Stuck-up sort SNOB
They face final finals: Abbr SRS
Took a load off SAT
Top pilots ACES
Tyke TOT
Type of bean in Southern cuisine LIMA
Typically buggy version BETA
Unsculpted piece of marble SLAB
Wander ROVE
With 31-Down, golfer’s dream HOLE
Wolf, in Juarez LOBO
___ a debt of gratitude OWE