Universal Crossword Answers – Sep 29 2021

Daily crossword solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – Sep 29 2021 . The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
"Are we there ___?" YET
"I want seconds" MORE
"Sure" OKAY
"That makes sense now" OHISEE
"Wonder Woman" actress Gadot GAL
"___ Persisted" (Chelsea Clinton book) SHE
*Child who won’t touch vegetables, say PICKYEATER
*Fond farewell GOODBYEKISS
*Simply marvelous PEACHYKEEN
*Thick, creamy breakfast GREEKYOGURT
*Willie Mays’ nickname, with "the" SAYHEYKID
A to B, for one … or a hint to the word scrambled within each starred clue’s answer KEYCHANGE
Became too big for one’s britches? GREW
Before, in poetry ERE
Blue ___ (clear forecast) SKIES
Body of water near a cabin, maybe LAKE
Causes for conflict ACTSOFWAR
Click the wrong button, e.g ERR
Coin flip TOSS
Come up short LOSE
Copy genetically CLONE
Cry after seeing a mouse EEK
Degs. for writers MFAS
Direction indicator ARROW
Doll since 1961 KEN
Extreme eagerness ZEAL
Fall behind LAG
Filled with envy GREENEYED
For some time AWHILE
Guinea neighbor MALI
Hairdo STYLE
Helpful tips HINTS
Highest point TOP
Isn’t for us? ARENT
It bubbles beneath the surface MAGMA
Japanese for "eastern capital" TOKYO
Joined a conference call GOTON
Like a mansion ROOMY
Like some cheeks ROSY
Loch with a famous monster NESS
Make hazy BLUR
Mars, to Jupiter SON
Melody for a sitarist RAGA
Mind reader’s "power," for short ESP
Nest sight EGG
Nickname for President Arthur CHET
Notorious Roman emperor NERO
O’er there YON
Old harplike instruments LYRES
One may be asked to speak DOG
One may lead a military drill: Abbr SGT
One-in-a-million RARE
Operative SPY
Palindromic bird sound PEEP
PC panic button ESC
Periods with four seasons YEARS
Picnic pests ANTS
Precincts AREAS
Public address SPEECH
Rae who created "Awkward Black Girl" ISSA
Sailors’ affirmatives AYES
Scott Joplin’s "___ Leaf Rag" MAPLE
Scottish girl LASSIE
Scrape (by) EKE
Sea beast of lore KRAKEN
Shelving system part RACK
Shoes with Native roots, briefly MOCS
Sound effect in a canyon ECHO
Stirs in ADDS
Tiny WEE
Twitch chat chuckle LOL
Unaccompanied SOLO
Understand GRASP
Vestige of the past MEMORY
What’s impossible to boil, in a saying OCEAN
Word before "anxiety" or after "stress" TEST