Universal Crossword Answers – Sep 4 2021

Daily crossword solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – Sep 5 2021 . The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
"Catch you later!" IMOUT
"Chandelier" singer SIA
"Eureka!" AHA
"We ___ please" AIMTO
(I have something to tell you) PSST
2005 Coldplay hit whose title is sung after "And birds go flying at the …" SPEEDOFSOUND
Actress Roberts EMMA
Aid for a deaf person watching a video CAPTION
Australian birds EMUS
Awkward moment on a first date LULL
Bikini top BRA
Birdlike AVIAN
British bathroom LOO
Capital of Dominica ROSEAU
Cheer for Team Spain OLE
Chest muscle, for short PEC
Circular piece of dough? COIN
Clock face DIAL
Colleague PEER
Cookie in many crosswords OREO
Devastation HAVOC
Dressed (in) CLAD
Dresses in DONS
E.R. workers RNS
Essential ___ acids AMINO
Falco in "The Sopranos" EDIE
Fixtures in entertainment centers TVS
Footwear item with no laces SLIPONSHOE
Gleamed SHONE
Good fortune WELFARE
If-then-___ statement ELSE
It may be coded in Java APP
It often contains quartz crystals GEODE
Like 42 or 420 EVEN
Like hot fudge GOOEY
Like improbable chances SLIM
Lion sign LEO
List-ending abbr ETAL
Low guitar variety BASS
Make a deal with the devil SELLONESSOUL
Manage to get PROCURE
Martial artist Bruce LEE
Measuring stick RULER
More recent NEWER
Norway’s capital OSLO
Not at all urban RURAL
Notified TOLD
One may do laps … or be found in a pool CAR
One may taste more sweet than sour TART
One mixing things up at work COOK
Organs Brahma has eight of EYES
Person from Perth, e.g., informally AUSSIE
Pooh’s jumping friend ROO
Producer of milk COW
Relax at a spa DECOMPRESS
Remark that other actors pretend not to hear ASIDE
Roomy vehicle SEDAN
Royal address SIRE
Run away to get hitched ELOPE
Run easily LOPE
Scored perfectly on ACED
Sea’s counterpart LAND
Single strand found in hair RNA
Skateboarder’s jump OLLIE
Sleep acronym REM
Southern pronoun YALL
Stadium’s relative ARENA
Staircase part STEP
Success-vs.-failure choice SINKORSWIM
Sweetheart FLAME
The night before EVE
Toss out SCRAP
What’s usually full of junk SPAMFOLDER
___ Spunkmeyer cookies OTIS