USA Today Crossword Answers – Aug 2 2022

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Clues Answers
'Downton Abbey' star MAGGIESMITH
'Goodnight ___' (children's book) MOON
'Howdy!' HOLA
'I thought we were friends!?' ETTU
'Later!' TATA
'Messenger' molecule RNA
'Noble' horse STEED
'Spider-Man: ___ the Spider-Verse' INTO
'Whoa' DAMN
'You said it!' AMEN
'You said it!' TRUE
20-Across, in Spanish UNO
Athlete who wears gloves BOXER
Bird's resting place ROOST
Breaks from the plan GOESROGUE
Cap'n Crunch or Tropicana Crunch, e.g CEREAL
Car game involving VW Beetles SLUGBUG
Chloe and Halle Bailey, e.g., for short SIBS
Clean air org EPA
Coffee drink with steamed milk LATTE
Common throat ailment STREP
Compete in a slalom race SKI
Containing the highest amount of the active ingredient MAXIMUMSTRENGTH
Conversed in ASL SIGNED
Country with Taualuga performances SAMOA
Cream-filled pastry ECLAIR
Creamy holiday drink EGGNOG
Defeats, like a dragon SLAYS
Direction that compasses naturally point MAGNETICNORTH
Doc that might treat 5-Across ENT
Docile TAME
Down in the dumps SAD
Dull pains ACHES
Elephant-headed god GANESH
Futbol cheer OLE
Game played 'with my little eye' ISPY
General vibe AURA
Give temporarily LEND
Grand-scale EPIC
Greek god whose name is an anagram of 'rose' EROS
Group of eight OCTET
Group of two DUO
H.S. class covering the Constitution APGOV
Have a sip of TASTE
Hotel alternative AIRBNB
Illinois or Indiana STATE
Investigate PROBE
Item with your name and photo on it IDCARD
Like souffles after baking RISEN
Martini garnishes OLIVES
Mature, like cheese AGE
Name of an album TITLE
NPR correspondent Liasson MARA
Pakistan's neighbor IRAN
Part of a question mark DOT
Phone download APP
Pieces of paper SHEETS
Praise highly LAUD
Pungent flavor TANG
Radio knob DIAL
Respectful address SIR
Run a team MANAGE
Run ___ (go haywire) AMOK
Shares on the bird app (Abbr.) RTS
Singer-songwriter Coppola IMANI
Smallest bill ONE
Smoosh-faced dog PUG
Spill the beans BLAB
Take part in a show PERFORM
This clue's number TEN
Thor, to Odin SON
Type of brass instrument HORN
Untruth LIE
___ cakesters (black-and-white treats) OREO
___ Talks (lecture series) TED